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First day of school – 2013

How can it be that summer is over already?!  Well, not really over but for all intents and purposes, once school starts, Summer is basically (I’ll quote Sergeant Schultz here), “Kaput”.  Our county sent those poor darlings back on Friday.  I get why the send them back on a Friday in some ways but couldn’t they wait just a few more days?

First day of school 2013!

We woke everyone early (compared to Summer wake up time) and I offered to make breakfast.  No one took me up on it.  I am not sure how to take that but I guess we just had some really really good tasting cereal at the house.

First day of school 2013!

As we scurried around, Abigail was literally singing, “Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall” as she searched around for her shoes and stuff.  Emily was singing “Happy days are here again…”, much to the dismay of the kids.  Isn’t it great being a parent?  Driving the kids nuts is so much fun!

First day of school 2013!

Anyhow, poor Abigail was sort of tentative about the whole school thing.  She wants to like school but she really likes to read and they don’t let her just read at will during the day so it could be better.  Isaac was basically non-responsive but what would you expect from an 8th grade boy?  He’s an inch-and-a-half taller than I am now and his voice is a man’s voice.  I’d say he thinks like a man but that should go without saying…he’s an 8th grade boy…I never got beyond thinking like an 8th grade boy.

So, every year I interview the kids and ask them about their plans and such.  Here are this year’s installments…

First day of school 2013 First day of school 2013

Click to play the videos. They are sideways and my converter program keeps crashing so use your imagination!