First harvest from the garden

Emily worked in the garden at her grandparents’ house yesterday and picked the first garlic and broccoli of the season. Emily’s grandparents, Gene and Ruth have kept a garden at their place for 50 years or so. We have recently started helping them keep it going. We had the broccoli last night for supper and it was the most tender I’ve had in awhile. We are drying

the garlic now but I cut up some of the scapes and cooked them in some eggs

this morning. My breath is sure to keep away vampires and my co-workers…and that suits me fine! Anyhow, Emily took some excellent pictures of the garden too.

We planted 3 types of garlic last fall. We’ve never tried garlic before but it is simple to grow and tastes awesome!

We leave a little space between rows to run a narrow tiller between the rows. I guess we lose a little real estate for planting but we save a ton of time in

weeding. Broccoli came up great and tastes delicious. I never liked it as a kid but it’s one

of my favorites now. In the family tradition, the kids don’t like it now either.  Roma tomatoes seem to peel better when we make salsa. We love salsa and need to make more this year! We are already at dangerously low levels in our pantry.

We’ve had a few great rains that have really made this thing pop. We’ll be able to start eating pretty regularly from the garden from now on I think

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  1. You’ve got me with this beautiful garden Warren. I’ll be interested to catch up on stuff around here. Love that butterfly header too!

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