The never ending bathroom project

Our house was built in 1939 and has a few sags and droops as anything that old would. We tore up our top-floor bathroom around Christmas time in 2007.

We’ve tried praying, cussing, crying and finally decided we’d have to go ahead and just work through the non-square corners, the rolling floors and the old plumbing. So, tonight we made some genuine progress in the last stages of the place. Please note that the toilet is no longer installed in the bathtub! We are going to put marble caps on the wood shelves on either end of the tub. We still need some trim around the windows and some other spots to be complete.

3 thoughts on “The never ending bathroom project

  1. The bathroom looks great. Can hardly wait to see it. Do you have to marble ordered yet? The gardens look great too. You’re making me feel guilty for not planting a garden here. Our lawn mower isn’t working right now so maybe we’ll just get goats. No way! Love, Mom

  2. We ordered granite yesterday…stuff called white diamonds. It looks really nice and will go well in the bathroom. The place will send a guy July 11 to take the official measurements for the piece and then will be back to install it after that.

  3. That’s great. I’m glad to hear you’re going to have someone else the granet. I’d be afraid you would hurt yourself or drop it and break it. Wouldn’t want either to happen. Love ya, Mom

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