More firsts

Isaac and Abigail each had some more firsts this weekend.  Abigail has been practicing and practicing her whistling but has never been able to do it.  Friday night, she was puffing and puffing and finally let out a few whistles.  She was SO excited and kept on blowing and blowing until she could do it more reliably.  She has to work some on volume yet but she is well on her way.  Click the arrows below to hear some of her first whistles

[audio:] [audio:]

Isaac hasn’t ever really tried to blow bubbles with gum much but this weekend he started.  At first, he took a lot of time flattening out the gum just right and holding his mouth just right.

Isaac blowing 1st bubbles with his gum

He blew his first bubbles on Saturday.  These pics are from the same piece of gum as his first bubbles (though that might not be saying much as he would save gum for weeks if we’d let him!).  By Sunday evening he was blowing bubbles with Dentyne which is not know for its bubble-ability.

5 thoughts on “More firsts

  1. Wish I could whistle like that. You’ll have to show me when you come to visit. Love ya, Grandma

  2. I think I can blow a bubble bigger than that. We’ll have a contest when you come visit. Love ya, Grandma

  3. My girls have been trying to whistle and blow bubbles for months now! The gum only ended up in one girl’s hair once so far, not too bad. I remember a little girl drawing a complicated diagram to explain how to blow a bubble. There’s just no explaining it either of these two milestones, I think. Just luck and age.

  4. I love the dedication they have both shown to get to their goal!. It’s been a lot of fun. Abigaiol is really whistling now…doing great!

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