Solar power!

Solar power!

Solar power!

Isaac discovered the power of the sun on Sunday.  He lit a number of leaves on fire using Momaw and Popaw’s solar energy focuser – aka the magnifying glass.  Solar power!

I bet he spent an half-an-hour setting piles of “stuff” on fire.  The sun was hot so it didn’t take long to start a little blaze.  We had a little educational time on the power of the sun and the danger of setting fires.  Hopefully he’ll remember!

I remember loving to mess with matches and magniying glasses, etc when I was a kid.  Fortunately, I never set anything big ablaze, but that was mostly dumb luck I think.

Isaac is so curious about so many things.  It inspires me and makes me wish we could explore everything.  For now, we will have to be content with experimenting as weekend scientists.


4 thoughts on “Solar power!

  1. I remember doing the same thing(matches and magnifying glass) when I was little. It was fun! Of course I didn’t burn anything down. 🙂

  2. Good for him! It is fun to explore, he sounds like my boy.
    I played with matches a bit when I was a kid and lit my bed on fire (yes in my house) while my mother was mowing the lawn, she was not impressed!

  3. Don’t tell my kids, but I played with matches when I was a little older and had a bottle rocket explode on the front seat of my Dad’s car. Not a good thing. Kids, matches are bad!

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