Bumblebees on sunflower

I love sunflowers.  I love to eat them.  I love to look at them.  I love to feed them to the birds.  Honeybees make a very bright yellow wax from sunflower nectar.  I love sunflower wax!  Sunflowers just seem to be so hopeful.  I know that sounds dumb but they grow so tall and so fast.  They produce a huge head and a ton of seeds.  It’s pretty bold to go for broke but that’s exactly what sunflowers seem to do.  It just feels like nature’s optimism to me.  Our sunflowers have really started to take off making for the perfect end to the summer garden.

Bumblebees on sunflower

Isaac in sunflowers

The bumblebees seem to like them too.  We’ve seen half a dozen or more on individual flowers lately.  If we had room, I’d plant an entire field of the stuff!

6 thoughts on “Sunflowers!

  1. Wow! Hello from Texas! Love your site! It looks beautiful there. We are coming out of weeks of near, or over, 100 degree temps, but it rained some last night and this morning. A welcomed sight.

    Have a great day…

  2. Thanks beckbrock…it is beautiful here. We’ve had a good bit of rain here this year so everything has stayed so green and pretty. The mounatins are absolutely beautiful when fully green too. I got somewhat used to hotter temps when we lived in Nashville but I am getting over that pretty well now…I don’t know how you do the 100+ degree stuff all the time! Anyhow, thanks for visiting!

  3. I love sunflowers too! You and me both, I would plant the entire field of sunflowers if I could. I planted some for the first time this year and I’m loving’em!!!
    Mine are big and tall like yours but they are not yellow. I bought a pack of seeds this year and they are the mixed kind(mostly rust color, some burgandy and some have yellow on the outer ring and rust color inner ring).
    You can eat sunflowers? Or you meant the seeds? Do you know how to save the seeds for next year? I also bought a dark burgandy kind and I love those but I used up all the seed(there were only 6-8 seeds) so I want to try to save these.

  4. HA! yes, I mean the seeds! I don’t know if you can eat the other parts…I bet you can though. I figure I will have to arm wrestle my son for seeds though. He is a fiend for sunflower seeds. Quite honestly, I think he likes the way his burps smell after he eats them.

    I do not know how to save seeds yet. We are saving some tomato seeds and some melon seeds so far. I will probably try to keep some sunflower seeds too. I would like to save seeds from broccoli and cabbage, onions, etc bu tit is less obvious to me how to do that. I will probably hit the net this winter and learn some more in preparation for next year. Holler if you have luck with saving seeds. I’d love to hear what you learn!

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