Behold...the tomato!

These are some pictures that we’ve taken recently and, for some reason, I just really like them. Tomatoes are going full steam right now so we are making salsa and pizza sauce and debating about making spaghetti sauce. We don’t really have a good spaghetti sauce recipe so we have been hesitant. I sort of have fun just arranging piles of tomatoes and staring at them. I wonder if I have a problem?
Piles of tomatoes!

Tomatoes and zuke pickles!
different types of tomatoes!

Anyhow, we planted around 50 tomato plants that we started from seed this spring. I can’t remember the exact mix but we have some ox hearts, mortgage lifters, romas, WV hillbillies, and yellow amish tomatoes.

I really must do better next year about keeping track of which is which!


5 thoughts on “Tomatoes

  1. I eat tomatoes most every day. There’s just nothin’ like ’em! And of course I eat my weight in salsa every year. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Wow! I didn’t plant as many tomato plants as you, only 22. Wow again! LOL at your comment: “I wonder if I have a problem?”
    We make mostly spaghetti sauce with my tomatoes and of course salsa. We don’t really have a recipe to follow. Just blend the tomatoes, some garlic, basil and parsley from the garden, throw in some oregano, tomato paste, salt and pepper and let it simmer for hours(which I love the smell of sauce simmering) and then just can them up. It’s basically what you like in your sauce, some people like it sweeter so they add sugar to the sauce.
    I am however is a little worry about my tomato crop this year. It has been raining(thunderstorm) almost everyday, if not every other day and I know my plants – the leaves are turning yellow and dying off. Some tomatoes have spots on them…and of course up here in upstate NY, it gets colder now at night.

  3. Our tomatoes got off to a slow start and we thought we might lose them because of all the rain we had early on. They have surely bounced back now. I may have to try the non-recipe spaghetti sauce recipe. Your suggestion, YD, makes good sense. With tomatoes’ acidity, I suppose I am not likely to die from anything so I’ll count that as gain! I need to clean up some honey harvest stuff tonight but we may try a batch afterwards. We have been up til midnight every day forever (it feels like) making something out of all of the tomatoes.

    We started hitting the salsa pretty hard over the weekend. I hope we made enough now! We may try one more batch…or two, just in case now that I think of it!

    You know, it’s funny but none of us likes tomatoes by themselves. We all like them in stuff but I don’t care for a “slicing tomato” as Popaw calls them. Wierd huh?

  4. I don’t like tomato’s alone either, but I love eating them cooked in sauces and so forth. Our tomato crop does not look like it will get too great this year though. I have some blight issues going on, I think anyways. I am envious of all your gorgeous tomato’s!!

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