The power went out at the office sometime last night apparently which killed our internet gateway.  The blog has been down until an hour ago when I went to check things out.  The battery backup that is supposed to maintain the system on power failure had croaked and was not letting any of the servers come back up…ARGGGGHHHHH!  Anyhow, I got it all turned back on and we should be back in business.  The power company is installing an expansion on the substation nearby and I am blaming the recent power goofiness on their endeavours though I may be completely wrong.  Anyhow, sorry for the downtime…I know you were dying to read the blog.  I can hardly tear myself away from it also!

5 thoughts on “ARGGGGHHHHH!

  1. Glad you’re back. 🙂

    I remember those days when we had a “server closet” that was under our own care… Now that we live in the boonies, our internet is too slow to be able to handle it, so we’ve got hosting now.

    I do miss super high-speed, but I don’t miss having similar shutdowns on occasion.

  2. Laura-Jane,
    I have mixed feelings about hosting it myself as well. I like being able to have absolute control over the machine, etc but this sort of stuff drives me nuts. I work as a software engineer, not a network/infrastructure guy so it felt sort of dangerous messing with stuff in the server closet…they have a way they do stuff and it’s not always how I would do stuff. I don’t know why their pagers didn’t go off when stuff went down, but I am the lucky one who got to restart stuff…my blog is the canary in the mine as they say…it’s ok because I probably live closest though. The funny thing is, my server that runs this blog is in my office and it was up and fine. It just couldn’t get out of the building since some of the other machines were down. Oh well! Thanks for your sympathy!

  3. Nothing like the “trusty grid” lol You’re gonna have to rigg them a backup out of your junk box. Come on, you know you can do it……


  4. Chris,
    I am planning to post tomorrow about something I have rigged up outta old junk..and a little more new junk. It’s actually the completed solar furnace. I finally got it done! We haven’t had a sunny day to really test it though!

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