Overheard: the girl talking with Grandma

Abigail was talking to my Mom tonight as Emily and I listened in on the conversation and grabbed these tidbits:

“Mom says I have the smooch”

“Dad thinks farting is cool…so does Isaac…I do not”

“Carly is a G-I-R-L, not a B-O-Y”

Now let me clear up a few points…

-Abigail has croup, but she is an affectionate child also.  I know she has croup…she may have the smooch as well.

-We are boys…what else can I say.  I do hate that my 5 year old daughter knows the word fart but various family members who shall remain nameless gave the kids some books about Walter the Farting DogActually, they are pretty funny and they have expanded the kids’ vocabulary!

-With current fashions and naming conventions, even in kindergarten, it is important to clarify!

6 thoughts on “Overheard: the girl talking with Grandma

  1. LOL! My kids use the phrase that they use in my hubby’s family “tooting.” Which seems more juvenile to me, but hey, it has it’s good points. When Ethan announces loudly in public “I TOOTED!!” One can always hope there are some people who may not know what he’s talking about. The bad part is they will laugh hysterically if they hear someone say something like “Did you hear that car horn toot?” or “Not to toot my horn.” (and you know what they think that person just did.) And forget about trying to read something like “little toot” to them! 🙂

  2. That’s funny!!! I hope Abagail is feeling better REAL soon!
    We call it tooting like farm mom and let me tell you Leah is as proud as the boys in this house.

  3. Hehe… we try to listen in on Abby’s conversations so we can set things right if necessary. 🙂

    Reminds me of explaining the process of compost to her… we were at a family reunion with my family, and she suddenly, loudly, wanted to know if grandpa Lyle had turned into soil yet. LOL

    “Mom says I have the smooch” – ha, that’s dang funny man. Good memories. 🙂


  4. We had great plans of going with “toot” It lasted until age 4.5 because of the books…but the nice thing is that we don’t really worry about it any more. It is surely a shock to people around who hear them though…priceless!

    Ron – Grandpa Lyle makes me think of a deer we watched turn into dirt. Everyday the kids would pass by and say, “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, that’s how it works”. They said it the same way about every day! Hilarious!

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