6 thoughts on “First snow

  1. I’ll be thinking about you while I’m outside in the sun later today, wearing a shortsleeved shirt while doing chores. Heh!

  2. Snow is just about the most magical, unbelievable thing ever. I mean, besides rain, nothing else really falls out of the sky. Imagine if mud just…fell? So I LOVE snow. But, honestly, my ability to actually stand outside in it for long periods of time is starting to wane. I’m starting to become more of the “Go on out girls, I’ll meet you outside in just a minute,” type of mom. And by minute, I mean ten. I can’t believe you already have snow!

  3. It seems like we used to be allowed to play outside as long as it was boev 10 degrees or something like that. My brother and I played for hours in the snow as I recall. We grew up in NW PA and we used to get a lot of snow. I can’t imagine being out that long now. We had old knit gloves that were undoutedly wet and cold. I don’t know how we did it. Anyhow, I guess I like th look of snow in the trees and blowing around. I just hate to get out in it and I hate ot be cold. My wife won’t let me move to south FL though…I guess she can’t bear the though of me in a thong!

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