My boy

My Boy!

I was messing around in the family room the last night when Isaac brought a metal plane over to me to play with. He has a collection of metal planes, equivalent in size to matchbox cars. Anyhow, he said, “Here Dad, you can play with this one.” He didn’t really care much about playing with me. He just wanted to make sure I had something to play with. We each sat in our chairs flying our jets around in our own make-believe worlds. I loved playing with matchbox cars as a kid and I still can get pretty well lost in play with them. Isaac knows that and he wanted me to have something to do. We played with our planes and watched “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” together.  It all took me back.  I loved being a kid (well, not junior high, junior high should be illegal).  I still love being a kid…I am not so sure I like being trapped in this strange body with hair growing out of my ears and on my back…but I still feel like a kid and my boy knows it.  He can look into my eyes and he knows I need a plane to fly!

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  1. That’s funny! Your statement: “Isaac knows that and he wanted me to have something to do.”, that’s hilarious! Usually it’s the other way round, making sure the kids have something to do so they don’t get in trouble! Hahaha

  2. The best part of all this is that Abigail also has a collection of planes and she likes to play too. Both kids also like to play with matchbox cars so we can always have something to do! My brother and I used to play with them for hours. My kids don’t seem to have attention spans that long but they can tie a pretty good play on!

  3. Sounds like it’s time for Dad to start his own airplane collection, nothing better than flying to calm the nerves. Maybe you should buy some model airplane kits to build with your kids too.

  4. GW – I have tried model airplanes and they drive me nuts! I don’t know why but I have never been great at stuff like that. Fine motor skills are weak I guess. We have talked about taking regular flying lessons but I don’t know if that’s in our budget or not!

    Kim – I think I love my kids the most at whatever age they are. I thought I liked it most when they were younger but, like you said, I get to do all sorts of neat things now that they are a little odler (8 and 5). I didn’t like Jr high at all but other times are full of great memories and I love sharing new ones with my kids!

  5. Grinning here…I have four of those little male creatures (and that doesn’t even include hubby) and they are the most flat out fun things to be around. Boys are seriously the best. Well of course next to daughters who are fun in a different and much more dramatic way!

  6. inadvertentfarmer – they are crazy…boys I mean. Girls are crazy too but in a different way. My mom says she sort of turned into a boy having my dad, bro and me to deal with…kinda cool, except for my dad I guess!

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