Who needs girlie mags?

The seed catalogs are in!

I have a secret stash of magazines hidden under the mattress on my side of the bed.  I know I am not the only one with this problem, but yesterday, I added to my collection…the Gurney’s catalog came in the mail!  I have a problem and I am willing to admit it.  I just love to look at seed catalogs.  I pour over each page and read every description of every seed.  I make lists of what I want and more lists of who sells at the best price.  I have a problem!

If my problem was uni-dimensional, there may be hope…but I have another addiction also.  My wife calls it bee-porn.  I admit it – I love to read beekeeping magazines and catalogs and websites too.  I love to read Beesource.

In one way, it makes no sense why I read the seed catalogs over and over again.  The descriptions never change.  How many ways can you say a bean is green or a cabbage will make the best kraut ever?  Still, as winter looms, I take part in the process.  I really hate winter. It depresses me.  I have a serious need to be outside but I don’t care for the cold anymore.  So I am stuck with a contempt for winter.  But the catalogs give me something to look forward to.  It’s how I get through the winter.  That sounds overly dramatic, but it makes my outlook so much brighter.  I love fooling with the garden and it’s sort of what I am all about.  Messing around in the garden makes me feel alive.  I work on computers all day and they take me so out of touch from other people (don’t get me wrong, I don’t really like people : ) ) and from what makes me feel human.  Machines pay the bills, but they are not who I am.

So, I am thankful for Gurneys, and especially their catalog.  I am thankful for bee-porn.  I am thankful for my crazy wife and kids who support me with my problem!  Happy Thanksgiving!

20 thoughts on “Who needs girlie mags?

  1. Another great blog and photo. I thought I was the only seed catalog nut. I just got my new Gurney’s catalog yesterday, minus the centerfold, dang postal workers always keep the good stuff!!!
    I guess we need to start a support group to bread the seed catalog addiction.

    Happy Turkey Day

  2. Bee Porn, gotta love that. I have a stack of seed catologs by my bed too.
    You need to take up a winter sport Warren. How about snoeshoing, ice skating, or cross country skiing. We got skis last year and the whole family enjoys. You just have to dress warm. I am not big on cold either but I do ok if I have layers and all the fixins. I even where snowpants sometimes just to go out and feed the animals

  3. I wish they would send those catalogs with a brown wrapper…it might prevent centerfolds from coming up missing…I get so embarrased that people know of my additction!

    Kim – I used to cross country ski when I was growing up in NW PA. Here in southern WV, there isn’t enough snow for anything interesting. I am thinking about trying geocaching. I have asked for a gps from Santa. We’ll see. It would also be helpful for hunting mushrooms…I hate being lost! I used to enjoy hunting also but haven’t gone in several years. I just had T-giving with a cousin today who was lamenting the fact that he hadn’t been lately either…and he’s got access to a bit of land polluted with deer. I may give that a shot!

  4. ha! I love your blog, Warren. And, oh man, I LOVE seed catalogs! It’s fun to memorize the descriptions and rattle them off when giving garden tours. hehe

    We’ve been doing some garden bed prep lately… the 2009 gardening season has begun! Hurray!


  5. Your photos lately are killing me (as in, “are funny,” just realized what a weird phrase “are killing me” is!).

    My husband also lays in bed reading catalogs, seed ones, but more often bird ones. Our oldest daughter also loves bird catalogs many old ones are on the children’s book shelves. I don’t mind reading them to her even though I sort of slip into a trance while doing so. It’s much better than the telephone book phase she went through!

  6. Ron – Hee haw for garden 2009! I was messing around the edges of mine yesterday trying to watch the garlic grow! It was too wet of I might have talked to individual sprouts…for encouragement of course!

    Lynnie – I think chickens might be my next foray into…hmm…not sure what to call this lifestyle, but anyhow, we may do chickens next. I have to find some pallets (see Ron’s site – comment above yours – he’s the pallet master) to build a coop. I love the idea of reading chicken catalogs to kids…I couldn’t do the teltphone book though! Egads! You’re better than I!

  7. I once got a copy of McMurray and it was fantastic. AT the time, I wasn’t in a position to have chickens though so I sort of let it pass. This spring I will be in a better position though…hmm……

  8. I sure miss the cross country skiing too. We haven’t had a good old fashioned winter for several years now and I’m so out of shape I’m not sure I could even do it any more. May try it if we get some snow. Came home after visiting in-laws and discovered green grass peeking through the little snow we had. Oh well maybe next year.

  9. Oh man, I thought I was the only one with this *ahem* problem. Nothing like loafing around all afternoon, eating left-over turkey and ogling the fruit and veg in Gurney’s new issue. I’m not sure why, but you’re right, somehow it doesn’t get old even though the pictures and descriptions never change 😉

  10. Hey Neb – I hope we get some more catalogs pretty soon. I have already pretty-well memorized the current Gurneys! We are outta leftovers already too! Miserable isn’t it!

  11. I do the same thing each winter! Drool over the Gurney and Burpee catalogs and wish I could grow everything in them! I’m even going to give up 2 of my flower beds so next spring I can have more garden room.

    I’ve always wanted bees too. Pap tells me they are too much work-but I still want them. Maybe someday.

  12. tipper – get bees. They don’t have to be that much work. Just get a few hives and you’ll be fine. One can make it into a ton of work but it doesn’t have to be!

  13. This is my favorite time of year (when the new seed books come out.)
    I love Gurney’s catalog (I haven’t gotten mine yet..) 🙁

    I am not a big winter fan either but that’s when I just sit back and think of spring! I also start loom knit or play with my sewing machine (I should go take sewing lessons really….lol..)

    Oh, I tagged you for a Meme.. You do not have to do it of course.

    Well I better get my kids up.

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

  14. ROFLMAO…guess what I have right in front of me, at this very minute…yes it is the new Gurney’s! I kid you not, I was looking and drooling over the watermelons that I cannot grow in Washingtion as I was reading your blog. Multitasking is my middle name.

    Now about the bees…hubby got a new catalog yesterday. He glanced at it at dinner, he read it on the couch before bed, and I found it next to the toilet this morning! Yes bee porn has a place at our house too!!!

  15. HA! I have a stack of bee mags in the bathroom in addition to the ones under my side of the bed! Funny, but I gotta have stuff to read where I do my best thinking!

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