My brother…the sock monkey

My Brother

We went to my baby brother’s house this weekend to have an early Christmas (as none of us intends to travel for Christmas itself). I only see him once or twice a year but it always seems that we pick back up where we left off. I am 2.5 years older than him so we’ve been together as long as either of us can remember. I am certain that he made out better in the deal than I did as I had to give up the complete attention of my parents whereas he was born into a good family with a fantastic older sibling.  I used to be pretty rough on my brother…he would say I tortured him but I always thought of it as tough love.  Anyhow, I still pick on him a good bit but he is now a good bit larger and stronger than I am.  Fortunately I taught him well as he does not typically pick on me to make up for all those years…

My Brother

Anyhow, we goofed around a lot this weekend. I think we’ve been clowns for about as long as I can remember. We are both professional adults and lead fairly adult lives…except when we get together. I won’t detail much of the tom-foolery that went on, but rather, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…but honestly, red suspenders need to be snapped.  My parents (who were present this weekend also) got them for my brother who recently bought a firetruck from my home town.  I think my brother intends to use the truck to get groceries and for the occasional power wash off the driveway.  Anyhow, he couldn’t have a firetruck without red suspenders…and I couldn’t see red suspenders on my brother without snapping them…and he couldn’t let me snap them without bear-hugging me until my ribs cracked!  It was great fun!

My Brother

As we’ve aged, we’ve grown separate in some of our interests and thoughts and discovered other areas in which we agree.

We still burp at the table and stuff, but since we are adults, our parents can now join in.  I mostly feel like an adult, but hanging out with my brother takes me back a little.  I get a little less serious (hard to imagine you say?) and a little more annoying to my wife.  It’s sort of funny how brothers work I guess but since I can’t (er…I mean won’t) trade mine in, I suppose I’ll keep the one I have!

9 thoughts on “My brother…the sock monkey

  1. What great fun we had this weekend. My house seems too quite since you two have grown up. The cat tries but it’s just not the same. Loved all the teasing. LOL. Mom

  2. As the younger brother in my family I can only too well sypathize with your brother. And the word MOST DEFINITLY is TORTURE!!!
    The hazing and harassment lasted well into our adult life until one day when we were in our late 20’s and happened to be walking and talking together when all of a sudden he started the old take-me-down-and- make-me-say-Uncle routine. I told him to leave off, but he wouldn’t of course. So I finally had to put him in his place and make him say UNCLE!!!
    Now this was a first, and of course I cheated by dropping him on a rock in the middle of his back and sitting on him, but it was only right, paybacks are a …..
    Well, you know.
    Since then it has only been verbal abuse and tomfoolery. And we actually started getting along better as the years go by, and now I look forward to seeing him and talking to him on the phone.
    Maybe I should have a talk with your little Bro.
    Oh, let me guess, you got him the hat, right? 😉

  3. The sock monkey hat is so cool!

    My sister and my brother pulled a lot of stunts growing up (whereas I was a peace-loving angel, of course). She just recalled the other day how they used to stuff their clothes with pillows and towels and then run at each other from opposite sides of the room, ricocheting off each other’s stuffed stomachs and hitting the floor. Hmmmm. Perhaps I’ll pick some suspenders up for the brother this year and see what that leads to…..

  4. We had a pretty good time and I now have a timer to see when my brother next reads this blog…because I am sure to get a 3 week old sweatsock in the mail when he does.

    The poor kid, he has had such a hard life living up to his older brother’s reputation!

  5. I loved this post, Warren.
    Your brother – who will forever remain nameless unless you let us all in on the secret – is adorable, I mean, incredibly handsome! From your description (and your mom’s comment), it’s clear your family enjoys each other a great deal (not always a given!). I giggled through this entire post. Thanks for that. 🙂

  6. My bro is adorable…he starts that mangy beard around Thanksgiving and shaves it slowly between Christmas and New Years. During the “shave” week, he carves out every pimp beard/goatee/Elvis porkchop style sculpture until it is finally gone…pretty funny!

  7. LOL at Angie! He is a very handsome man! I love the red suspenders, very nice 🙂 You are NEVER too old to torment your younger siblings, never!

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