Like a lightbulb

We were sitting in the car (aka our recording studio) when the kids decided to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Abigail was going to sing it with her kindergarten class so she wanted to practice.  I just happened to have my handy dandy voice recorder with me and I recorded this…the debut of Isaac and Abigail with backup vocals by Mom.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think kids singing and having fun is about the best sound in the world.  I don’t like regular kids’ albums where they have kids singing in wishy washy, overly sweet voices (do kids ever do anything gently or softly?).  I really love to hear kids singing loud and proud!

I was just a few days ago lamenting the fact that I was not yet in the Christmas spirit.  Things still feel a little different this year, but we are making great strides towards getting us fully Christmas-ey.  I may work half a day tomorrow but hanging with the family, just playing (and singing this song a bunch more times) will bring us into full Christmas swing.  I didn’t ever get how Mom and Dad could be content getting each other underwear for Christmas, but their real present was seeing their kids have a lot of fun playing games, singing, dancing, eating too much, and crashing at the end of a hard fought day.  I am a slow learner but I think I get it now.  Getting myself in the Christmas spirit is a change in attitude…it’s not about me anymore…and that’s cool!

8 thoughts on “Like a lightbulb

  1. Underwear is a necessity. You boys provided the joy of Christmas. Thanks for many years of memories.

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS Warren and family. I hope you are in the Christmas spirit now!!! How cute – love the little voices – there is NOTHING better!

  3. Merry Christmas Warren and family. I hope you are having a memorable time.
    Your parents sound GREAT. It seems that we don’t truly understand our parents until we are parents ourselves. Pay attention to their example and sit back and enjoy your children’s joy and happiness. Join in the fun.

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