7 thoughts on “We’re still hungover…from sugar cookies

  1. Hey that’s cheating. All of that sugar will get you to hibernation weight in no time!!!
    I hope you are at least getting in some practice naps.

  2. Love the pictures! Sorry to have vanished on you. I’d love to blame it on too much egg nog but I’ve been swamped trying to set up bedrooms, find proper clothing, locate second-hand bikes for the kids, make up gi-normous batches of laundry detergent, and then still manage to make dinner.


    Now that we’ve got a bit of a routine going — things have greatly improved and I may actually be able to blog once more.

    Gotta run. The little one needs tummy time.


  3. Merry Christmas all! We did have a lot of fun and I just didn’t have the energy to move after Christmas. We’re still feeding our faces. I haven’t gotten on the scales in awhile but I am positive that hibernation weight is coming along nicely!

  4. Oh the insanity, that’s enough sugar to make any kid jump and squeal. They look very good 🙂 We gave Oliver his first Sugar Cookie Christmas Day, he enjoyed it also!

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