Stuff that doesn’t suck

After yesterday’s post, I thought it would be nice to settle down and give a list of stuff that doesn’t suck:

1.  We got a bunch of snow the last few days…well, not really a bunch, but more than usual and it looked pretty.

2.  Said snow is now melting off my driveway so I don’t have to shovel!

3.  Even though it is 35 deg F outside, my solar furnace is pulling 63 deg F air from my floor and returning 90-100 degree air!

4.  My kids have been playing together all day…and actually apparently having fun!

5.  Emily has wrapped a bunch more presents and our under-tree area is looking very nice!

6.  We are making ginger bread people later today…one of my favorites!

7.  This blog has been getting spammed like crazy lately.  WordPress has some blacklist features that allow me to block keywords, etc.  I also just changed my web server configuration to block the spammers by IP address and the spam has gone to zero!  Wahoo web server blocks!

8.  We got the soil test back from the WV Ag Extension office and we don’t need to amend the soil.  We’ve started a list of seeds to order…garden time must be near!

9.  My computer virus problems at work are cleared up and my demo will still be done on time…and I won’t have to work all weekend on it!

10.  Everyone in our house is healthy…at the same time…and it’s winter!

6 thoughts on “Stuff that doesn’t suck

  1. Whew… 100 degrees? I’d smother! Ha!

    And, thats why I stopped using wordpress. As soon as I’d overcome a stream of spam messages, they’d “break through” again! Bah!

  2. I guess days are good, and days are bad. No big deal in the grand scheme of things!

    Mandy Mom, the room never got to 100 but the air coming out was 100 so it was not too bad. The room is actually cooler than te rest of the house. It got up to about 69 deg f (compared to 63 without the furnace)

  3. Hey! Way to see the glass-is-half-full side of things. Being of German heritage myself, the whole allergic-to-kraut thing would very painful 🙂 – hope that doesn’t happen again to you. Glad to hear your computer virus is all gone- talk about something turning out way better than it might have, eh?
    Send some of those healthy thoughts our way, would you? Jim has come down with a naaaasty cold, is really grouchy, and my head hurts. (whine, whine) 🙂

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