Stuff that sucks

Mosquitos suck

So yesterday really sucked.  This post is a vent as much as anything else…so, mostly, you should probably ignore me…

I design and write computer software for a living.  I am around computers all day.  You’d think I would be somewhat immune from viruses as I mostly understand how they work and how one gets them.  Still, somehow I got a really really nasty virus on my main development machine (i.e. my bread and butter) yesterday.  I spent all day and half the night chasing down and fixing the mess that it made.  Of course, I really need to be working on the demo of the new project on which I am working.  It is due Monday.  This is not the time to be jerking around with a virus.  I don’t hate much, but I hate computer viruses and the people who create them.

I love sauerkraut.  I had some last night for supper along with some Polish sausage.  I am starting my training for the New Year’s day kraut feast.  Anyhow, about 15 minutes after eating it last night, my throat started to swell and blister.  I guess I had some sort of an allergic reaction to the kraut.  I also drank a Mt Dew with supper but I doubt my reaction was to it.  Mt Dew makes up 22% of my blood so I don’t think I suffered an autoimmune reaction.  Anyhow, an hour or so later, my throat was fine.  I still love kraut and I hate the thought of being allergic.  I will certainly try it again and soon, but I will be cautious too!  I can’t really figure it out, but I’d rather not get a trip in the ambulance over eating kraut.  I read that the Dutch eat donuts for good luck on New Years’s day so I may have to call upon my Dutch ancestry (or make some up) and cash in my kraut for donuts.  That’s a tradition I can get behind!

We also got word that our house is indeed racing down the hill to the river.  A structural engineer recommended 6 helical piers be inserted under our house.  It may take 3-4 more depending on what they find.  “Gosh, that sounds expensive”, you might say.  “You are correct!”

7 thoughts on “Stuff that sucks

  1. Warren, I an allerigic to shrimp, can you belive it, Shrimp!! Really all shell fish, found out the hard way too. Not cool at all. Sounds like you my consider a house boat. hehe!! May be cheaper.


  2. Oh man, sorry Warren. As a complete techno-greenhorn, I have no idea how the computer virus fiasco feels…but I can imagine. On the other hand, as a mom of an anaphylactic child, I know all too well how that situation feels. Please, do be careful, when trying kraut, or any of it’s ingredients individually again.

  3. LOL…I thought you we’re going to tell us about a bug bite! That really does suck about your house. My folks lost their house to a giant landslide that swept away a whole subdivision, very dramatic.

    As for sourkraut, can take it or leave it so an allergy wouldn’t make me too sad…now if I was allergic to chocolate, OMGoodness I think I would just have to eat it and suffer the consequeces. Kim

  4. I finally got the virus under control. At a previous employer, we had a large sales force that used to be out in the world a lot and picked up all sorts of things. When they came back to the office and plugged in to our network, their viruses spread like crazy. We always had the latest anti-virus stuff but the sales guys always had the even-more-recent, latest and greatest viruses. Needless to say, the viruses would hit everyone (around 200 or so developers, engineers, etc) and wreak havoc. In my current employment, we rarely see stuff get through our defenses. I had forgotten the fun of virus hunting. It’s a pitiful person who has nothing better to do than create these programs. Most take a little effort to write so the authors of them are dedicated…but to what? Just being mean I guess. Anyhow, I got everything cleared up with no damage and only one day and an evening of lost time. I added more/different protection so hopefully that will help!

    Anyhow, I feel fine now after the kraut. I have never been allergic to anything like that before. It was pretty strange. I hope it was a one time deal because I really like sauerkraut. We’ll see on New Year’s day (I am going to have donuts just in case)!

    We live on a hill and apparently everone on this hill has foundation problems…it’s just a matter of whether people know about them yet or not. I guess that’s what you get for building houses on the side of a mountain! I am not sure how we are going to do it yet, as I’d rather not pay the terms the company will offer. We’ll see…

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