A Party in my Mouth

Tahitian Treat - a party in my mouth!

I was leaving a comment on a post over at the Inadvertent Farmer and mentioned how I love Tahitian Treat.  Poor Kim, the blog author, did not know of Tahitian Treat.  It’s only the most awesome drink in the universe!  I like to describe it as a party in my mouth!  I even like it more than my beloved Mt Dew!

So, this got me thinking of other things that are like a party in my mouth.

-Nerds Candy…really any Willy Wonka candy

-Caramel creams candy

-Cadbury creme eggs (available only at Easter…what a shame)

-Southern Comfort egg nog (available only at Christmas…what a shame)

-Homemade truffles

-Oreo cheesecake

My parents seem to think that they remember my loving deer liver.  That is example #1 of things that are not a party in my mouth.  Also on that list – lima beans, beets, and spaghetti (a bad incident in ’96 – don’t ask).

Tahitian Treat - a party in my mouth!

Isn’t it funny how food can mean different things to different people?  My parents still eat nasty old deer liver and they love it.  I cannot be in the same building with it.  I was thinking about how this blog started…mostly talking about food.  The garden was in full swing in the summer and I was so excited about our food, that I had to blog about it.  With winter, we aren’t making much of our own (though we harvested something this week and I’ll write more later) so I am almost without direction in my blogging.  I am satisfied with writing about goofy stuff that we get into but I miss writing about sunflowers or  corn or peppers or whatever.  Food, besides being necessary to keep my pleasant demeanor in tact, is just so fun!

15 thoughts on “A Party in my Mouth

  1. ROFLMA…I was raised by a very conservative, health minded couple that didn’t allow tv and pop, candy, and otherwise chemical laden foods were not an option. So a party in my mouth would include…raisin pie, no sour cream please just straight raisin, homemade bread with honey, a fresh from the vine warm tomato, and dad’s homemade chocolate covered coconut balls. Yes I am a product of my early brainwashing!!!

  2. I’ve never seen Tahitian Treat where do you get it? To my list FRESH deer liver is right up there, smothered in onions and cooked to just done. MMMMM
    Also cashews, caramel truffles, Fried FISH, peaches, and fried chicken.
    OK, now I’m drooling all over my keyboard.

  3. Hey Warren, I never heard of it either. Not gonna get hooked on anything else though. lol
    I can tell you got a party goin on in there. lol

    (Warming my hands)

  4. Grey Wolf — your right — liver and onions are great eating especially fried with bacon. And I don’t care what the boy says he did eat and love liver as a kid. We only ever have it once a year (if someone in the family gets a deer) so maybe he just forgot from year to year. You know how kids are. Venison is low fat and good for you. Not so sure about the liver though. Still love it. I guess once a year isn’t too bad.

  5. pa grandma – O yes I agree, venison is a lot better for you. My cardiologist would say that any liver is bad for you, but like you say, once a year CAN’T be that bad for you. And yes I agree…kids memories are a very selective thing. So ‘fess up Warren! You know you loved it.

  6. My gosh, we had liver for supper. It was SO good, hahaha! It tastes good and is so good for you 😛

    I have had Tahitian Treat, but not in years. I didn’t even know they still made it.

  7. On New Year’s Day I ate a piece of chocolate pecan pie for breakfast, one for lunch, and then ate the last piece after dinner. Now THAT was a great party!

  8. Never heard of Tahitian Treat! Tho’ that neon color has me a bit concerned, I might try it if I see it for sale somewhere…

  9. I say, without photographic evidence, I never ate liver and enjoyed it! I tried it a few years ago just to make sure and I decided not to continue. I was still hungry though so I decided to skip the liver and fill up on my son’s dirty socks!

  10. Tahitian Treat is hard to find and apparently getting harder. I think it is made by 7-up or Dr. Pepper. It’s fizzy fruit punch but soooo much better than Hawaiian Punch and the like…absolutely no real fruit products go into the making of the product! Not only is it neon going in, but it’s neon….well, never mind!

  11. Brenda – we do happen to have a stuffed pepper recipe. That is my absolute favorite way to eat peppers. I will find it and post it soon!

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