Gravity is a nasty bugger

X-ray of my foot

We got a fierce hankering for some steaks cooked on the grill over the weekend.  As usual, when I am most in need of a beef infusion, I found that we were out of propane.  I hopped in my man-van and headed to the store.  Despite the strange look from the lady at the propane exchange (you know, the look – “it’s February, are you seriously grilling…in the snow?” ), I ordered up a propane tank to go.  “If you’ve got the money, I’ve got the time” she said and happily took my $20.66.  I hefted the propane tank into the man-van and headed for home.  To properly prepare myself for the task ahead of me, I buckled up and tuned the xm radio to the Willie Nelson station to stir my inner cowboy.  Willie and I were  “On the Road Again”, and I could already taste the smoke and the hair burned off of my arms, mixing to create that oh-so familiar outdoor grill aroma.

Somewhere along the way home, the propane tank must have fallen on its side and rolled against the sliding side door.  Willie and I were having such “Good times” that I didn’t hear the move.  I jumped out, slung the door open and the tank fell, handle down, directly onto my left foot.  I instantly saw stars and began to cuss a blue streak.  I really needed a swim in a “Whiskey River” to cut the pain.  I was certain the tank had split my shoe and exposed the inside parts of my foot.  Oh my word did it hurt.  Anyhow, I finally was able to stand up and hobble to the door so Emily could see my “Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the rain”.

Now, a mere foot amputation is not enough to keep me from my steak, so I sucked it up and cooked a couple of perfect steaks (which the kids doused in ketchup) and went on with my evening.  The next morning, however, was a different story.  It was severe pain, even compared “To all the girls I loved before”.  Yesterday, I decided I needed to get it x-rayed (yup, the pic at the top is my foot) to make sure it wasn’t broken.  If I didn’t, I knew the pain and doubt would be “Always on my mind”.

It turns out that a machine such as me cannot be damaged by a mere propane tank falling on my foot.  I guess some of the tendons of muscles or something are bruised but I am apparently all in one piece.  I will just have to hobble through a few more days until it all heals.

Oh yeah, all of the things  in quotes are titles to Willie Nelson songs…despite his love of “herbal remedies” for pain, he is still a pretty cool singer…but Gravity…she’s a nasty bugger!

21 thoughts on “Gravity is a nasty bugger

  1. Glad to hear it wasn’t broken! I can empathise; those foot injuries – especially late onset pain surprises – are nasty.

  2. Eeeks, Warren. Glad it wasn’t broken. I bet that was a heavy sucker too!

    Speaking of grilling in the winter, we grilled venison burgers as a birthday party about 2 weeks ago. It was -10 out and we had to run them in FAST so they didn’t get cold on the way in. Haha 🙂

  3. Oh OWWWWWWWWie! Way to cowboy UP and get that meat cooked though!
    You’re not the only crazy winter griller… we use ours all year.

  4. Oh the amount of whining I heard on Saturday and Sunday! I’m glad it is not broken. Now I don’t have to wait on him hand and foot (no pun intended).

  5. OUCH. That’s why we buckle our propane tank in with the seat belt.

    Perhaps some comfrey poulice would do you some good on that painful foot? Or maybe just some cookies.

  6. Mere pain cannot keep a real man from his steaks!!!

    I used to sing ‘Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys’ to my boys when they were babies, then next sang ‘Mona Lisa’…you know you’re a hick when Willie Nelson is what you consider a lullaby!

  7. That’s a good post…made me laugh. I just stopped by today for the first time. I wish I had time to stay and read some old posts but I will be back, another day, another time. Oh, came via Chiot’s Run. And sorry about your toe, man.

  8. Wow Warren! That’s some “crazy” story! You’re lucky you didn’t have to “stay all night” at the hospital and that you have a “good hearted woman” who waits on you hand and foot. Don’t worry, “good times” will come again, my friend!
    Just a “redheaded stranger” over at Hallland 1896.
    Do you “remember me”? lol

  9. I couldn’t wince much in sympathy b/c I was laughing too much at your interspersing of song titles! Hilarious! But probably not worth the pain you went through to arrive at such a funny post I would imagine!

  10. As Dr. Smith would say, “Oh the pain, Will Robinson!”

    You are the man to grill the steaks, and let the whole night pass. Did you get a lot of sympathy, or just the “quit your whining and go to the Dr.” (Not that my Ruth would say that…)

    I’m glad you’re OK. Owie feet are quite a pain.

  11. Warren man, for a minute there I thought you were gonna say you had to skip out on the steaks…Scared me. Glad all is well and Warren, you listen to way too much radio.

    P.S. Man-Van…I love it.


  12. I am feeling much better now (does anyone remember that Night Court episode with Harry’s Dad, “I’m feeling muuuuch better now”? Anyhow, I think I have learned a few lessons…buckle in the propane tank, turn the radio down, don’t cook steaks for kids (or else forbid use of ketchup), check on why my wife didn’t give me any sympathy…I mean NONE!

    Well, the steaks were worth the pain and I can’t wait to have some more this weekend! That is, if the snow is gone by then!

  13. ETW – I wonder if I could drop charcoal on my feet? I bet yes.

    Capri Kel – I am feeling pretty good now. I went to the gym today and just avoided lower body stuff, but I was able to work and do stuff so that was cool…It’s just bruised now but not hurting too much

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