Refried Ambrosia (and other dips)

Layered bean dip

There is a family football tradition each year hosted by Emily’s brother and sister-in-law, L1D1 where we all come to their house, eat their food, and enjoy the Super Bowl on their multiple big screen tvs.  This year, however, L1D1 are expecting L2D2 (you really have to follow the link for an explanation),

Layered bean dip

so we all brought something different to share the burden.  Our task was to bring 7 layer dip, though I don’t think we put in 7 layers.  Anyhow, here are the layers we used:

7 layer dip

1 can refried beans with some taco seasoning to taste
1 pint sour cream
1 pint salsa
1/4 head of lettuce, shredded (just enough to satisfy your inner-rabbit)
1 or 2 tomatoes (to taste) cut into chunks
1 bag Mexican cheese (you know, the cheese blend)

Layer all that stuff in a pie pan in the order listed and refrigerate a bit to let it set up. Serve with chips and enjoy the awesomeness!

Steelers fans Superbowl cake

So, I really dig that and ate way too much (just ask the family).  Anyhow, Emily’s Mom brought the cake shaped like a football stadium which Abigail and L1D1 decorated with icing.  There was lots of other food as well including L1D1’s renowned football-shaped-calzones.

Football calzones

We had a good feed and I enjoyed the dips…all of them…especially the ones walking around!  One of my favorite dips got pretty bored 7 minutes into the game and turned to reading his book.  That’s typical Isaac.  Emily’s grandparents were pretty funny to watch…they were a house divided…one cheered for Steelers and the other for the Cardinals.  I kept bringing the Steelers fan cookies and cake.  I think we need to honor the right decision!  I really wanted to segregate the Cardinals fans in the broom closet but I didn’t think PETA would appreciate that too much.

House divided

Reading at the Superbowl

Anyhow, I genuinely like hanging with out with these dips and had a great time overeating and watching the Steelers eek out a Superbowl win!

11 thoughts on “Refried Ambrosia (and other dips)

  1. WOW, looks like a lot of great food and a fun time! We had a last minute get together with friends, but didn’t have nearly the good food you all had. YUMMY!!

  2. We had a manly celebration with bison & venison burgers and various dips as well. Suprisingly no 7 layer, odd it seems like it’s at every gathering of more than 4 people. We’ll have to specifically appoint someone next year.

  3. Here we go Steelers, here we go! I guess I can quit singing that song now. The Super Bowl is over…right? I actually did not watch it until the last two minutes…I had to know why they were yelling, screaming, and throwing stuff at the tv in the basement. I just like the song!

  4. We added about a Tablespoon of taco seasoning to the beans to give them some flavor. You can season to taste.

  5. The dip looks yummy. I also had a hard time explaining to my youngin that this was the LAST football game of the year(for now) and that I had to watch it.

    Yes, I could only imagine how you must have felt when holmes caught that TD. I was rooting for Kurt Warner. I wanted his kids to get the puppy. Hope you are doing well.

  6. Don’t tell anyone, but I was mainly rooting for the Steelers but I sort of secretly rooted for Warner too…seems like a good guy

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