It’s about nothing

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing…in general.  I mean, time is flying and I spend 17 or so hours a day either working or sleeping.  What is that all about?   It seems like I should be doing something more with my life.  And why on earth do I bother to spend time writing stuff for this blog?  Sometimes I think about life and wonder if it’s all about nothing.

But if I really think about it, it’s the “nothing times ” that are what life really is all about.

Yeah, I get this way every now and then.  Emily says I “cycle” every month and get all weird.  Maybe now is my time.  I am also trying to get off of caffeine again which never is fun.  Without my morning Mt Dew, my brain just does goofy things.  So, just so you don’t think I am taking things too seriously, consider this Seinfeld episode…they make a lot of money and it’s all about nothing!

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  1. Dog gone it, Warren. Just when I thought your blog was safe from all that serious, sentimental crap, I pop over today and lo and behold, you have transformed on me. Where is Warren and what did you do with him? I guess we all have to conform sometimes. Why don’t you try some estrogen pills or something? Maybe that will take the edge off? I kid, I kid. About the Mt. Dew, my friend has a similar addictin to it. She has tried to quit since 1989, but she can not function without it. She has given up trying to get off the stuff and accepts that she can’t go on living without it.

  2. Mr Chiots used to have a Mt Dew addiction so when we met I converted him to real coffee (hey at least it’s natural and helps keep you from getting parkinsons).

    So true, those little nothing times are the most important. Mr Chiots was just saying yesterday, “I can’t believe so many people read your blog about our boring life.” I’ll take my boring life any day! I LOVE IT!

  3. awww…sorry you’re in a bit of a funk warren. It happens to the best of us. At least you’ve got a lot of “nothings” goin’ on in your life, that’s something, right? (And don’t worry, we still like you, even if you take off the joker hat now and again.) 🙂

    farm mom’s last blog post..Giants in the Mist

  4. I’m in such a funk today, I made an appt. at a tanning salon down the street for later this evening (have to wait for the Evil Twin to get home from work first, otherwise, I’d be there now). I just chalk it up to the crazy weather.

    Evil Twin’s Wife’s last blog post..WV Weather

  5. ROFL…I have told my husband for years that we woman get a bum rap and that you all are actually way more moody than we are!!! You have just confirmed!

    I love ‘nothing’ days, seriously I could do nothing all day long and be perfectly contented!

    Best show about nothing, or about anything for that matter…just perfect! Kim

  6. Love the lineup of pictures! I can see why you chose them. I was just thinking about how too much of what we do isn’t really what we want to be doing. I was all, “Let’s give it all up and just go live in a camper in the woods and reeeeeally get to know each other!” Then I realized we actually do have a pretty relaxed free kind of life without having to drive each other crazy in the confines of a camper! Ha!

    Lynnie’s last blog post..Happy Presidents’ Day!

  7. your wife is right… men do cycle, although you all like to think that you don’t. You like to think you are the same guy every day, any day and it is us women who change.

    Pfft. Nope.

    You are just PMSing… pre MANstruating syndrome.

    Go eat some chocolate and get on with it will ya?

    June Cleaver’s last blog post..Happy Birthday UMom!

  8. That’s funny that you say the blob is about nothingness! I have thought the same thing about mine when people ask what I talk about.

    Life IS about the “nothing times”. I used to tell my husband that the best time of the week was Saturday lunch.Sitting around,talking about nothing.

    You is sweet whan you cycle.

    Capri Kel’s last blog post..Way Back When-sday

  9. Me, I work so I can have a life. Otherwise my life would be all about nothing–time spent in the woods, hanging out with the grandchildren, reading, cooking, storytelling, gardening. Those are what life is really about. Work and ambition are truly all about being able to afford to do…nothing.

    Granny Sue’s last blog post..Morning Light

  10. Thanks so much for all the affirmation…I do only work so I can have time to do other things I enjoy…without the nothing times…it would be a waste! But I love my life and all the nothings I have tucked away!

  11. I can’t hear the sound but maybe this will help with your man PMS:

    Midol is also very helpful.

    Yeah, I have thoughts about what I am supposed to be doing here as well. I do agree it is about the kids. Teaching her a new trick or just playing video games. I am just glad that I am in my current job so that I can spend more time at home.

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