I was tagged over at No Whining Allowed fro the sixth picture meme.  I sort of dig these as it is a good look at radnomness in people’s lives.  The idea is to post the 6th picture  from the 6th directory.  I took it  a bit further and did it for the last 6 years…

Bee hives in 2004 – There were 10 hives in this general area in our yard in Nashville

Swarm of bees in 2005 – I later climbed the tree to get these bees…check out the freaky dude in the bottom corner!

Working on Abigail’s closet in 2006 – when we bought our place, we had no idea what we were getting in to…we’re still not entirely sure!

Abigail’s birthday party in 2007

Abigail’s birthday party in 2008

Bean dip for Superbowl party in 2009

Now, if you’d like to play, then “tag, you’re it!”.  Holler back if you play…I’d love to check out the randomness in your pictures!

8 thoughts on “Six

  1. In the second pic, that lurker only needs some fingertips over the frame to look like half of the “Kilroy Was Here” grafitti that was so popular with the U.S. GI’s during WWII. Nice pic’s

  2. Quit taunting me with that bean dip! I am seriously getting the ingredients this week and I don’t even care if I’m the only person who eats the entire batch. (in fact, that would be OK by me – not so much my waistline, but hey, whatcha gonna do?)

    Evil Twin’s Wife’s last blog post..I’m On Vacation

  3. I do love some randomness, but you’ll have to tell me how the 6th photo meme is done.
    K… you climbed the tree, to get bees!? Please elaborate. I guess I have fear-curiosity.

  4. Took me a bit to figure out what you are talking about. 6th photo? Blogger talk I guess. I must admit that after seeing your videos from your Flip camera I have been getting the itch to get one. I think I may buy one by the time baseball starts up. Looks like that run about 120 but I found a refurbished one for 90.

  5. Chiot’s Run – I saw yours a few weeks ago…great fun! Enjoy your bee meeting…I was involved with a great club in TN. It will make your experience even better!

    Grey wolf – that’s what I thought too…I didn’t remember that pic at all until I did this meme…funny what you find!

    ETW – you gotta try it…we love the stuff and eat it for supper more nights than we should!

    YD – please do…I like seeing what people have to post!

    Natalie – basically, just go into your photo album and find the 6th folder…then get the 6th pic in that folder and post it. I did it for 6 years…my folders are arranged year\date\pics so it was easy…depending on your arrangement, it could be many things.

    About the bees…check out the link near that pic and you’ll see me on a ladder getting bees out of the tree…not recommended…but fun!

    Loretta – I found my camera for $84 shipped but that was woot…not typical. I really like it…apparently they make a HD version as well…might be worth the extra for HD…

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