Yes and No

I was thinking about stuff I like and stuff I don’t like…I thought I’d let you in on some stuff I dig and some stuff I don’t…

The beach – I like the heat.  I like the water.  I like the wind, the food, the sun, even the sand up in every part I got.  I like body sufing and staying up too late…Yes

A suit – I rarely wear a suit…in fact, only to weddings and funerals.  As a spectator in either, they feel surprisingly similar (oops, did I let that slip out?)  Occasionally something else will get me into a suit but it has to be something special…generally No

Gardening – I can’t think of much I’d rather do on a summer day.  I like having dirt in my hands, free chemical-free food all around, and my bees buzzing…Yes

Managing our money – I am capable of managing a check book.  I am detail oriented and analytical but, for some reason, I absolutely hate messing with money.  I think Emily hates it too but I can out arm-wrestle her…No

Working on the house – I take pride in working on the house for some strange reason…this project just feels like money in the bank…Yes

Housework – I don’t mind most housework but I do a lot of it wrong.  I actually do sweep and handle dishes and toilets, but I am absolutely not allowed to touch laundry/ironing… No

I am not sure why any of you would care about any of these things…but humor me – it’s  Friday!

Do you have things that are pretty much a clear yes or no?

17 thoughts on “Yes and No

  1. I think you mess up the housework stuff on purpose (and since when did you start doing toilets?) Overall you pretty much clean up as much as you mess up – unlike the kids!

  2. Your pictures always crack me up! Who felt the need to grab the camera and take one of you holding cold hard cash to your head?

    Always a clear YES in my book is my husband walking in the door with a paycheck in one hand and a chocolate pecan pie in the other.

    Lynnie’s last blog post..Bathroom Decor

  3. Hey, you look like the silver surfer on that body board.

    Clear yes – beating my husband at any game.

    Clear no – allowing my husband to win at any game.

  4. I think all guys mess up the laundry on purpose.

    But that’s fair since I don’t do toilets. And I’m not so great when the cat throws up either.

    But I like gardening! If the ground wasn’t frozen I’d probably be out digging new beds already.

    becca’s last blog post..Starting to Think About the Garden

  5. Emily – I am at least 50% on toilets…and rounding up means…

    June and Farm mom…thanks! you are my favorites…but don’t tell the rest…

    YD and Becca – I don’t know what you are talking about…the clothes washer bin holds 19 pairs of jeans…if I can’t shove that many in…wehy’d they make it so big?

    Lynnie – honest truth…$2 is all I had..that’s my allowance for 2 weeks!

    Loretta – I need to work on my aerodynamics a little I think…not surprised you like to win!

    Caprilis – no dew at all…and a definite no to boot? You poor thing!

  6. Too funny. I don’t clean stalls (that is what Todd and the skidloader are for) but I don’t let him touch the laundry….we go through way too much laundry soap when he does it….

    Kris Bair’s last blog post..Heaven

  7. It’s good to know what we like and do not like… very important stuff here. *Housework = feh* in my house, but when my husband makes the effort, I tell him it counts as foreplay!

  8. You is handsome in a suit!

    Clear Yes
    I am a world class dishwasher loader. I can get it ALL IN.It’s all about the arrangement.

    An excellent wait-er. As in waiting. In line, at Dr.s appts, ect…

    Clear NO’s
    Cooking. Not my bag.

    ANYTHING to do with sewage in a basement.

    Capri Kel’s last blog post..4 To 6

  9. Kris – I always overstuff and never sort…I earned my banishment…but it got me all through college on my own!

    ETW – you need to crank up your feminine charms!

    Natalie – your husband is a lucky guy!

    Capri Kel – Emily is all about the proper load of the dishwasher also…she has, honest to goodness, completely unloaded the washer after I load it in order to get one more plate in it! Madness!

  10. Capri Kel – Are you mean too?

    inadvententfarmer – I could live at the beach except for hurricane season…I thought camel manure was good for the skin?

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