So long old friend…hello new!

I have been addicted to caffeine for at least 20 years.  Typically, I use Mt Dew as the delivery mechanism and it has long been my best friend (yeah, yeah, aside from my wife).  All through college, I drank Mt Dew for all 3 meals and for all snacks in between.

When my kids were born, I celebrated with a 2 liter of Mt Dew (and Krispy Kreme donuts which was across the road from Bapist Hospital in Nashville).  I had my will drafted such that they were to embalm me with Mt Dew (which I had partly completed already) and bury me in a Mt Dew uniform sitting in the driver’s seat of a Mt Dew truck.  Mt Dew is, clearly, a sickness!

Five or seven years ago, I had some sort of affliction which ER doctors initially thought was a heart attack.  I never got a concrete diagnosis, but they determined it was not a heart attack.  They suggested, however, that it was probably a result of stress and too much caffeine.  Since I considered this incredibly important, I decided this weekend to bite the bullet and get off of caffeine.  I have played at this off and on several times.  As any of you fellow addicts out there know, the headaches from detoxing from caffeine are terrible and insatiable.  I just had to tough it out.  On Tuesday, I was feeling all weird and moody which I think was directly related to caffeine withdrawal. I am pleased to report that today,  I am caffeine free!

But there is a void in my life…what is to take the place of my old, former-friend Mt Dew?  I just discovered that Mt Dew has a lesser known red-headed step-brother named “Caffeine-Free Mt Dew”!  Caffeine-Free Mt Dew and I have been striking up quite a friendship lately…

We watch tv together

We  catch naps together

We go fishing together

I even had a new family picture made with C-F-M-D

It seems that things are looking up on our hilltop!  I have  a new best friend!

18 thoughts on “So long old friend…hello new!

  1. I got off the caffeine years ago. I do have the occasional cup of coffee, but it’s for the warmth more than the caffeine. Did you see that 20/20 episode last Friday where intrepid reporter Diane Sawyer went into the hills of Kentucky for an expose’ on “hillbillies”? One of the big points was that they all suffer from “Mt. Dew Mouth” (no joke). That’s all they drink and then their teeth are all rotten because of poor dental hygiene. Remember to brush and floss, now! 😉

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  2. Glad you found a new friend. Go for the dew every now and then. I love them when they are cold from the vending machine. I just can get them that cold at home.

    The pictures were really funny.

  3. You are too funny! I particularly like the one of you napping with your new best friend!

    I have a new best friend too, though she is not as pristinely free of caffeine as yours. Her name is General Foods International French Vanilla Cafe, a form of instant coffee that contains MUCH less caffeine than what my husband used to make me every morning. But my hubby’s concoction was giving me palpitations that were showing up on my defibrillator reading! Gotta put an end to that before the darn thing goes off!

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  4. Sounds a lot like the relationship I have with my friend Diet Coke. Funny post that really hit home with me. Oh yea, love the picture of the P A Denny on you header too.


  5. My Dad always said I was a little funny…

    ETW – what is this flossing thing? I brush faithfully…but I hate to see Mt Dew…the elixir of life…blamed for bad teeth…brush people!

    I don’t think I am quite ready to give up all carbonated drinks…but it feels good to be free of this one…it’s a test of resolve for sure…

    Krispy Kremes just don’t seem quite right any more…I never seem to time the “hot” sign right and they aren’t nearly as good when they are cool…but I dig a serious sugar high…if I gave up all sugar, I may wither and die!

    CC – best…come on now…best!

  6. Oh that caffeine is so hard to give up. I’ve done it so many times and am back on it again. Diet Coke is my poison of choice. I’ve quit it at least 5 times but it never sticks.

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