In the 70s

Today is Way-back Whens-day so it’s time to look back through the old archives.  I found a number of pictures of me as a baby…

The first picture of me!

Time to go home!

Nap time!

Supper time!

The Family – phase 1!

Grandpa and me – back when everyone wore ties?

My First Birthday!

It’s so strange to see my parents and grandparents as…well…young people.  The thing that scares me is that someday my kids will have the same feeling!  My poor wife, she is aging!  All the years with me are taking their toll…joking…I am just joking!

16 thoughts on “In the 70s

  1. You’re a spring chicken! I’m exactly one year older than Earth Day. But, I have baby pictures that have the same “look” – all polaroids and the washed out colors. I love looking at them!

  2. I have a picture of my dad when he was in the military. He was shirtless and carrying a machine gun. That one is always funny to me.

  3. I will admit that I am aging… but I will also admit that living with Warren had hurried it along!! Good thing he brings me chocolate every once in awhile to keep my heart healthy.

  4. I love these old pictures.
    You know, just recently I was telling my friends, that I recall my father turning 35. We went out for dinner to this Greek restaurant. I vividly remember our conversation, and where we sat. This year I’m turning 35, and it just kind of blows me away. 😉
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Come and visit again.

    suchlovelyfreckles’s last blog post..Wardrobe Wednesday

  5. What a treasure, and that era so familiar from our own shoe box photos. My baby brother turned 1 in 1972. Your wife might feel years younger if she gets to kick you for your joke!

  6. I haven’t popped in for awhile…Dadgum, I’ve missed a lot, I’m really glad I didn’t miss this post. You have to be from my era…LOL I miss our genre; it should have lasted longer, but good things never last very long.

  7. Deb – the dates are genius…of course, some of these pics may be a couple of months old…but it’s close!

    Loretta – I love old pics of the parents…how did they make it through the 70s?!

    SLFreckles – I know! Isn’t it weird! I can remember hassling my mom esp when she turned 40…that’s not so far off now!

    YD – thanks!

    Erica – thanks…that’s a great compliment!

    Emily – healthy heart indeed!

    Caprilis – I know! Isn’t it a shame to have been burdened with all that stuff!?

    Capris Kel – I am NOT getting old! I can’t hear you! LaLaLaLaLaLa

    Mom – it’s been a LOOOOONG time I think!

    inadvertentfarmer – I’d say we are from the same time…and I did get in trouble…had to take her extra chocolate and everything!

    Natalie – don’t worry…she kicks me plenty! You should see my shins!

    St Fairsted – glad you dropped by again! The 70s were a magical time! Probably due to all the chemical enhancements of the era! Anyhow, as a fellow child of the 70s…groovy!

  8. I love pictures like that.

    Thanks for sharing those guys.

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

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