I nailed it!

My foot that it…but I am getting ahead of myself.  You may recall that I have been putting insulation in my crawlspace and my attic. I finished that and have moved on to the next project.  Since none of our house is insulated, I decided to just pick a room to gut, insulate and remodel.  We have a goofy little craft room off of the family room and it seemed like a good place to hone my skills.  It is fairly small and seemed like an easy room to start.  So we hauled several hundered books out of the room and cleared the floor.

My therapist has suggested I use imagery and meditation to ease my woes and destress.  Smashing the plaster celing out with a hammer seemed much more my style though.  So I committed to destroying this room.  Who says men can’t commit?

I smashed every bit of plaster out of the ceilings.  I started pulling the wanes coating off the walls and that’s when things got interesting.  The room is 2/3 under ground and water has, apparently, been seeping into that room since it was constructed in 1939.  There was 2 inches of cement (I guess) over the cement block walls (and under the wanes coating) that crumbled from the water.  Actually, the half of the cement that was wet crumbled…the remainder that was dry is as solid as a rock.  Of course, I will need to chisel the remaining cement off of the walls to make it smooth enough to insulate and re-cover.  Besides having to remove the cement, I also need to fix the seepage so we will have to dig around the back corner of the house to install French drains.  It seems like this was supposed to be a simple room on which to start…hmmmm.

We looked at the windows and found that there are no lintels either so I’ll need to jack the floor above and install new lintels in the lower windows to prevent sagging.  Since the two windows in that room are lintel-less, I am sure that the door and 3 windows in the family room suffer the same problem.  That room is next.  Anyhow, it seems like this was supposed to be a simple room on which to start…hmmmm.

I finally stopped crying and decided to start cleaning up the mess I made in the demolition.  You may remember, though, that I seem to have an issue with my feet which proved true again.  I stepped on a nail in the process.  My tetanus is up to date from when I got a rusty nail in my head when Abigail was born (unrelated).  Anyhow, the problem this time is that the nail not only entered my foot, but also broke off.  It seems like this was supposed to be a simple room on which to start…ARGGGGHHHH!.

18 thoughts on “I nailed it!

  1. Ouch! I hope you were able to get that nail out of your foot!

    Sounds like you are planning your own episode of extreme home makeover.

  2. OUCH, I know how that feel. When my parents were building their house I stepped on a really long nail and it went in the bottom through the sole of my shoe, through my foot and out the top of my shoe. The worst part was having to step off the nail to pull it back out.

    Happy healing!

    Chiot’s Run’s last blog post..Dress Up 2 Cure: Join Me

  3. um… how old is Abigail again? How long is a tetanus shot good for? I can tell Emily is a good sensible gal so I’m sure she’ll make sure to hustle you to the doctor to get that checked out if you start acting strange…er lol!

    Caprilis’s last blog post..A lazy Sunday

  4. Awww…poor Warren, sounds like you need that therapist and her visualization more than ever now! Be careful big guy, you’ve got a lot ahead of you yet, it seems.

    farm mom’s last blog post..Mushrooms!

  5. You know…my foot wasn’t so bad really. Once I dug the nail out with my trusty swiss army knife, I was much better. It’s just one of the hazards of remodeling I guess. Anyhow, it will surely be nice if/when we ever get it done!

  6. Kim – I keep hearing that I am not supposed to get hurt…but I haven’t experienced it yet!

    GW – dang…I remembered the jock strap…I knew I was forgetting something!

  7. Granny Sue – from a distance it seemed ok but it had no insulation and was guilding a ton of cold air into the floor of my bedroom! Plus, it really was a mess. I like the steel soles idea though!

    Christy – I got a nail stuck in my head when my daughter was born so I have a good reference point for my shots. Rabies is up to date also!

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