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I grew up in a small town in NW PA called Tionesta.  It’s the county seat of Forest county, the least populus county in Pennsylvania.  Since there aren’t many people, you might guess that there are a lot of trees and outdoorsy things to do.  Of course, with a county name like Forest, could there be any doubt?  Anyhow, I lived every bit of my childhood there (since I was 1 or so) and grew up as a country boy.

What exactly it means to be a country boy varies from person to person I suppose but I figure that there are a few common denominators.  I grew up exposed to nature and critters and dark skies and simple life.  There was ugly stuff about living in the country too, but I choose to ignore all of that stuff.

(the Tionesta dam)

So, anyhow, I grew up near a town of 600 or so people.  We lived a few miles out of town in the boonies.  Actually, when you get to the boonies, you turn left and go a bit further.  Anyhow, in the country, we got into all sorts of things.  I have mentioned a few things on here before…we were about gardening and making maple syrup, boy scouts and camping, wishing on the stars and laying under a shade tree chewing on a piece of grass.  I learned about guns and shot all the time.  It was wonderful!    

I miss those things…sometimes more than others.  The funny thing is, though, I guess I can do all those things now too, but I think there is something special about being a kid in the country.

Do you have memories, past or present, of being a kid in the country?

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  1. I also remember a number of walks in THE FOREST, talking to the animals there, finding special items to bring home. These times were special to me also thanks to you and your brother. Dad

  2. I remember walking at the Dam with my dad and picking pussy willows in the spring, I remember roller skating on the church sidewalk because it was the best slate in town. I remember my dad catching a chipmonk that was tailless and taming him and then letting him go. So many good thoughts.

  3. Absolutely! I grew up on 100 acres in the middle of about a million acres of undeveloped land. I spent my youth running around barefoot in the woods with my black lab, Roscoe, picking wild blackberries, searching for animal bones, and fishing with a cane pole in our pond. I would go back to that in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity!

    Taylor’s last blog post..I have a garden!

  4. I grew up country on the weekends at my dads and now we are living country. It’s a good life, wouldn’t want to change a thing!

    Kim’s last blog post..Gratitude

  5. I was totally a suburb/city kid who grew up on t.v. commercials and after school specials, walking the block looking for dead dogs (seriously, we’d say ‘Let’s go on the Dead Dog Walk’), playing King of the Mountain on the only hill our neighborhood could boast, making cookies straight from a mix, etc. I guess that’s why I feel so good about offering my daughters a totally different kind of childhood filled with the mystery and wonder only available through country/farm living. It’s my second childhood too! Never too late!

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  6. Well, as a country kid yerself warren, you should know this country girl has very little she can divulge about growing up country w/o at least first partaking in the secret handshake…protocol and all, my friend! 😉

    farm mom’s last blog post..An Honor

  7. Mom and dad – I wouldn’t trade it for anything..and it’s what I want again…funny how that works isn’t it?

    Taylor – that is exactly where I am coming from…I so hope I can get back to the country!

    Kim – I am envious of your place…except the snow and cold!

    Farm Chick Paula – I still hear them at my parents’ place…it’s a sweet sound and rare as you say

    Lynnie – really, that’s what it is all about isn’t it?

    Farm mom – I was testing you…I def know what you mean…mom and dad…never mind…. 🙂

    Tipper – that’s even cooler!

  8. I started to comment thurs and I got busy.

    All I can say is that I am proud to be a country girl!

    Probably some of the most fun I had was just exploring in the woods. There were several small and big waterfalls behind our house. Me and my brother would walk or take the 4-wheeler there(aka ATVs). I just think the woods are just beautiful! During the fall I would be standing on the edge of a drop off and all you could see are fall colored trees. The only thing you could hear is the wind gently blowing the leaves. I could always take a moment and just appreciate the wonderful things God has made.

  9. I think on one of our side trips on our recent PA run – we passed your town – very pretty area and there is no better place to grow up than the country

  10. I have a very clear memory of being four or five and us driving across the bridge that’s on the left in the top picture and saying, “I want to stay out in the world a little longer.” My dad was the foreman at the fish hatchery; we moved to a different fish hatchery when I was in fourth grade, but I found your site tonight while reminiscing and telling my husband about Hallard’s and the Happy Cow. Thanks for assisting with the trip down memory lane.

  11. Erin – glad to be of assistance! I have so many great memories of town. It was a great place to grow up! I worked at Hallers for a number of years…I like to think of it as the Golden age of Hallers. Anyhow, thanks for visiting!

  12. Hello!

    I spent a lot of time in Tionesta. I lived in the city most of my life, but I also lived in Tionesta from 2nd to 3rd grade and from 9th grade to 11th grade (moved to Warren PA then). I also spent every summer, every holiday, and every three-day weekend in Tionesta. This was all in the 80’s (class of ’87 here) when Tionesta was still a thriving little town. I have SO many good memories of living there that it almost seems like a dream; every sidewalk, every tree, every building has my essence tied to them, and as I watch Tionesta die, I feel as though I’m dying along with it.

    Best of luck

  13. I think Tionesta is a great place to live and I plan to retire there. I’d live there now, but there are not too many jobs.

  14. I to plan retire just outside of Tionesta, I lived in the country growing up, and been going to Tionesta since I was around 15, now I’m 57 and still love Tionesta, I dont look at it as a dying place, It just needs a little help and a good boost.

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