Weekend Update

Even though it rained a bunch leading up to this weekend, it seems like we got a bunch done and had a lot of fun this weekend.  Soccer games were cancelled this weekend.  We practiced on Thursday evening and it was a muddy mess.  Mosquitoes swarmed around us as we mucked through the swamp-field.  I am sure I will lose half my team to malaria or yellow fever or something.  Honestly, we would have been better off to play bare-foot so we could at least enjoy the mud squishing through our toes…sort of like playing in the cow pasture.  

Anyhow, games were cancelled so I went to the East End yard sale.  The East End of Charleston is a strange area of the city.  Most of the East End is filled with huge old homes that were probably pretty upscale 75 years ago.  Several streets remain that way, populated mostly by professionals and artists and such.  A few streets back from those however, a rougher element lives.  Anyhow, the East End had a yard sale this weekend and I suppose there were thousands of people in attendance…including me.  More on what I found in another post, but it was great buying other peoples’ junk!  I was able to get part of Emily’s Mother’s Day present at the yard sale!

We planted cushaw squash last year and have stored 4 in our kitchen since we harvested them last August.  They seemed to have kept perfectly, but we verified it this weekend.  Emily made more cushaw squash pie and it was delicious!  It was just as moist and perfect this weekend as it was when we first harvested it.  If you want a good keeper, definitely plant cushaw squash!

Last year we bought a reel mower.  We wanted something that would be environmentally friendly, cheap to operate and sort of fail-proof.  Sure enough, most of it is metal with little to break…that’s little to break, not nothing to break.  The only plastic on the thing is a set of arms that hold the cutting height adjustment (i.e. a roller that holds everything at the right angle/height).  It broke and rendered the mower useless.  Being one to over-engineer/over-build, I bought some angle-iron and built new roller arms.  They are now guaranteed not to break!  I also added a new steel axle so we should be good to mow!  Of course, with all of our rain, the grass was too thick to mow with it so I weed-whacked the entire yard which was such a delight!

Finally, Abigail lost her second tooth on Sunday and had a visit from the tooth fairy.  She had been holding out on pulling the tooth but she bit into a peanut butter sandwich and it hurt enough that she finally let me pull it…and without a fuss!  The tooth fairy again visited and performed her duty as per union rules for tooth-fairy local 107 here in Charleston, WV!

So, all-in-all, it was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun!  What did you get into this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I talked to each of my sons for at least an hour each. Love it when all are in a talkative mood. Other than that it was too cold and ucky to do much of anything. Oh yes went out for dinner Sunday with hubby and father. Very nice. Didn’t have to cook. lol

  2. We played t-ball in the mud. I think the coach got tired of telling Lily to pay attention at short stop and plus not wanting to get a girl hit in the face, he moved her to the outfield. She still does not pay attention very much but at least she won’t get hit. Unfortunately they lost both games this weekend in the last inning. Lily still seems somewhat happy playing since she gets a coke at the concession stand at the end of every game.

    We also made the trip back to KY to see both sides of the family. We have another t-ball game tonight.

  3. Sounds like you had fun. I’m not a garage saler, but my sister loves them. I always tell her what I’m interested in (terracotta pots) and she buys them for me so I don’t have to spend the time.

    I have a big cushaw that needs eaten as well, as well as a few more butternuts. MMM, I can taste the soup & pies already.

    Chiot’s Run’s last blog post..One Happy Localvore

  4. Mom – you do have the greatest kids ever!

    Loretta – couldn’t you get her to play soccer?!

    Kris – our fields were so bad that they shut them all for safety and to keep us from destroying them. I heard we got 6 inches or rain in 9 days…

    Caprilis – I am in need of garden time…I can’t wait…if it ever dries out!

    ETW – you bet!

    Chiot’s run – they are amazing…that they will keep so long! We’ll keep them around in case we ever get snowed in for a month sometime!

    June – it’s her mother…she teaches her these things!

    Christy O – you gotta get a vacation! Demand some breakfast in bed!

    Capri Kel – I can’t wait to see it! I love sci-fi and esp star trek!!!

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