A little corny

Wow! I have been out of it lately. I have had (and still have) a really ugly cold (ugly because it’s a summer cold…all summer colds are ugly) and very busy at work so I just get home and collapse. Anyhow, I had to go to Des Moines, IA last Sunday night for a Monday meeting. I had never been to Iowa so it was a fun opportunity to see a new place. I know they grow corn in Iowa, but I don’t think I really understood what that meant. As I flew from Detroit to Des Moines, we quickly flow over Chicago and onward until we were over what looked to be the most lush green land I’ve ever seen. The green was only broken by the straight roads which divided the fields into perfect little squares. Also spaced evenly were farmhouses which punctuated the fields in a repeating pattern. I suppose that most of the green I saw was corn…certainly food of some sort. It was really pleasant and peaceful to see all that food!

Anyhow, I left Charleston around 4:30 Sunday afternoon and got to Des Moines with enough time to walk around the city a little and enjoy a Shakespearean play in the park. Des Moines has a population of around 200,000 in the city and a metro population of a half million. Although I prefer sparse population, as cities go, Des Moines was a pretty nearly the perfect size. What I saw of the city seemed to be super clean and modern (but not too modern) and just overall pleasant.

(I saw these balloons around 7 in the morning.  The statue wa along the river)

After the meeting, I flew back through Atlanta…a place wholly unlike Des Moines. No offense to folks in Atlanta, but it’s just a bigger, more hectic place and the Atlanta airport is big and busy…plus I was pretty ready to get home from my whirlwind tour of the midwest. We left Atlanta and flew through the roughest turbulence I’ve ever flown through. I was pretty thankful Emily was not with me as she’d never get on a plane again. I was able to keep my tomato juice and peanuts down though and made it safely home at 11 pm Monday.

(The county courthouse and the state capitol…at opposite ends of the same street..both very cool!)

I’d like to go back to Des Moines sometime soon though. I am sure there is a lot more to see if I’d had more time!

Anyone ever been to Des Moines or Iowa in general? What all did I miss?

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  1. Nice pictures. The only visual I have of Iowa is what Theresa told me. Sounds like it is pretty much flat with a lot of farms.

    Glad you made back it in one piece.

  2. Iowa has never disappointed me… the times I’ve (quickly) been through I always think “I’d like to spend more time here!”

  3. I always remember I hated to drive through Iowa as a kid – corn, corn, corn and more corn (and not a bathroom to be found hardly) – boring.
    I’d probably like it more now that I’m old and I appreciate green things.
    .-= Chiot’s Run´s last blog ..Free Pollinator Plant Guide =-.

  4. I’m a lifelong Iowa dweller, currently living amongst the cornfields about an hour north of Des Moines. What would you like to know?

  5. It looks like such a pretty place. I prefer my mountains though. I wonder how the winters are?

  6. Loretta – my only impression was Theresa’s also. It really is a nice place.

    Natalie – I will be going back sometime also. I think Des Moines itself has a lot to see…

    Chiot’s Run – It was painful traveling anywhere as a kid for me. It’s only slightly better now!

    YD & Kris – my first time too…

    Caprilis – look at the picture of city hall. I spotted it and that’s why I walked towards it!

    Odie – I don’t even know what to ask! I would like to roam around Des Moines some more. I guess I would like to know all of the “must see” things in Des Moines…and nearby.

    Emily – ugh…winter…

  7. The capitol grounds have many historical markers and statues (I think maybe even a bell!), and you can get tours of the capitol building, sometimes even go up to the top of the dome. There are some great bars and restaurants in that area as well (many with live music, especially Blues or Jazz). There’s an art museum, a science center and a historical museum, all in the downtown area. The pictures also show the Simon Estes amphitheater, which hosts outdoor concerts in the summer. I think the balloons you saw were part of the national balloon classic, held in Indianola every year (I think it’s about a week long). There is a triple A baseball team, an arena football team, Junior A hockey team, and semi-pro basketball team in Des Moines. There is also a place called ‘Living History Farm’ which shows farm life as it was back in the 1700’s & 1800’s. The must not miss event is the Iowa State Fair, which happens for 10 days every August (this year it runs from the 13th to the 23rd). Many more things to see and do in Iowa. If you’re interested in more information, drop me an email.

  8. Sorry you’ve been under the weather! What a crappy time of the year to have a cold. I can tell you STILL haven’t read Omnivores Dilemma…all that corn would have scared you silly!
    .-= farm mom´s last blog ..Berry Days =-.

  9. WV? I know someone in Richmond. Sorry, I couldn’t resist… those rather ignorant statements I’ve heard over the years. Nice to have discovered your blog. We are in OR, hubby originally from Michigan (farm boy)and me ‘wild and wonderful’. Feel better.
    .-= Di´s last blog ..What A Kick =-.

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