Our Quebec drain

We’ve been working for over a week on getting drains and piers installed around my house.

(here’s what was in my driveway waiting for me last night)

By we, I mean the great group of guys who have been at the house working in neck-deep mud and muck, shoveling way too much by hand.  The piers are installed and hopefully doing their thing.  We’re a little stuck on the drains though.  Eventually, we hope to have French drains installed around half the house.  The guys have it excavated and pipe installed everywhere it needs to go.

(It’s hard to see the drain part…it’s covered in fabric to keep dirt out.  They are giving me separate lines for my gutters which are seen here)

The problem is that we got another couple of inches of rain, so, once again, they cannot work and we have a huge, muddy mess.  So, while we’d like to have French drains, we currently have Quebec drains.  I don’t mean that as any slight to our friends in Quebec…all I mean is that we are like French drains in a lot of ways…we have most of the characteristics, but we are definitely not French and we’ll take offense at anyone who calls us French…drains I mean.

Anyhow, I can’t fault the installation company, but gee whiz what is with this weather?!  The moat is filling nicely and I absolutely may have to install a drawbridge soon.  Maybe August will be August-like…

9 thoughts on “Our Quebec drain

  1. Looks like fun – bet your kids are muddy every night:) We got 2 1/2 inches of rain just last night. From 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. I’m just glad I never heard it. But of course, I left almost all of the windows open.
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  2. With the possibility of flooding today – I hope we can make it into our house tonight!

  3. I hope you didn’t get as much rain as we did last night! If you did, I’m sure that you will need that draw bridge to get out this morning! We put in french drains when we built our house. They are working great! We sure are having some crazy weather here in West Virginia!

  4. They finally covered everything up and are working as I type to get the ground smoothed out and seeded…I think the end is near!

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