All I want…

Abigail has had a loose tooth for several months.  Her top left tooth has been “wiggly” since the beginning of June but she could never work up the courage to work it so it would come out.  I have been wiggling it every day for the last week or so hoping to challenge its flexion.  Finally, last night I was able to get a finger around the top of the tooth so I yanked it.

She had a look of horror on her face as I held the offending tooth before her eyes.  She didn’t really realize I had pulled it until she saw it.  As soon as she saw it, she licked a little in her mouth as she tasted the tiny bit of blood that resulted.  Of course, it stopped almost immediately but her gagging continued for a few more minutes.  She is fairly dramatic about tastes and smells so this was par for the course.  It was sort of funny I guess and, thankfully for her parents, we know she will never be a good vampire.

(still in shock after waking up this morning)

Once her drama ended, she really got into discovering which words no longer came out the same way without her tooth (Click here to hear her talking).  She was overjoyed!  She bounced around singing and talking and having a great time sounding funny.  Immediately Abigail starting singing, “All I want for Christmas is my one front tooth.”  It was so much fun to see her excitement after she realized that losing teeth isn’t so bad, and maybe even fun!

So, do you ever help your kids’ teeth along?

10 thoughts on “All I want…

  1. The best part was when Abigail decided that she really wanted the “Tooth Fairy” to kiss her again. Our tooth fairy is a very affectionate one and often leaves her glitter lipstick on the kids’ cheeks. Abigail did not like this one bit. She specifically asked the Tooth Fairy not to kiss her when she lost her second tooth, but changed her mind again last night. We told her she had to say it aloud 3 times so the Tooth Fairy would hear her. She woke up with red glitter on her cheek this morning. I guess the Tooth Fairy got her message.

  2. Fairy kisses?! I must remember this added magic for our daughter. I was never allowed to come near the boys’ loose teeth… lol… guess I looked too eager!
    That first picture of Abigail cracked me up.

  3. The Evil Twin takes care of the dental business in our house. It totally grosses me out. I can handle plenty of other gross stuff, but it’s just teeth that make me shiver! LOL.
    .-= Evil Twin’s Wife´s last blog ..My Crazy Hair =-.

  4. She’s had an absolute blast talking (even more than usual) and telling folks how she can’t say her letters correctly. She’s a hoot and seems to be getting along just fine!

  5. I had to pull Jessie’s loose tooth Wednesday night this week – I just about puked. But I’m not big on teeth, blood, needles any of that stuff…..
    .-= Kris Bair´s last blog =-.

  6. Abigail is absolutely loving her new speech sounds…what a nut. I suspect we’ll have another “pull” before long as more teeth are coming in!

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