We have a secret spot where we go to pick blackberries.  Of course, blackberries have thorns so our screams probably make our location a little less secret than it otherwise would have been.  Still, we go blackberry picking every 2-3 days while they are in season.  Last night was our first venture to the patch.

Emily and I are coming up on our 15th wedding anniversary and we’ve known each other almost 20 years.  I have known her parents about the same length of time.  Last night was the first time we have taken them along with us.  It was hard to decide whether I knew them well enough to trust them with my secret location.  Finally I broke down and we all went picking.

Last year we went so much that we were overrun with berries.  Don’t tell Emily but I am hoping for the exact same problem this year.  With the first batch, Emily made a blackberry pie last night.  I have breakfast lined up for the next few days for sure!

I plan to make some blackberry cobbler and some blackberry wine as well.  My dandelion wine is looking great so I am going to try my hand at blackberry too.  It’s funny to be making wine since neither of us drinks, but it’s the adventure that I enjoy!

Anyhow, blackberries are in season in WV and I have the stained and scratched up hands and arms to prove it!  Are you getting berries where you are?

16 thoughts on “Blackberries!

  1. No blackberries in PA yet but they’re coming. Raspberries are great right now. I’ve been making myself sick eating them for the past week.

  2. My mom always made blackberry jelly. They have some vines (or whatever they grow on) over at my grandmothers house. My mom would make some cobblers too. I don’t know if they still make them.

    I think it is just fun to do stuff like that outdoors. I miss some of that now that I am in a subdivision. I usually go to the greenway or take Lily fishing when I get that sort of cabin fever. Anyhow let me know how the wine goes.

  3. Can I have a piece of pie please?
    No berries around here. Except at the store.

  4. Oh yum! I’m hoping to pick some raspberries at my neighbor’s this weekend. I have a few other places that I could go to pick black raspberries and cherries, just need to find time and hope the weather cooperate.
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  5. We had a (not so secret) blackberry spot but they were all mowed down this year by the property owner.

    Our raspberries are just getting started here in west-central Michigan.

  6. I am drooling with jealousy! We had a great blackberry spot last year, but the property got sold and now we have no access. I LOVE blackberry pie, warm with a blob of ice cream. And store-bought is not even the same berry by any stretch of the imagination!
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  7. I’ll be picking the third and probably final crop of blueberries today.
    The birds managed to get most of my raspberries before I did.
    The blackberries are still in the red stages. I’m anxiously waiting for them to ripen.

    Boy, does that pie look delicious!
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  8. The blackberry season in my front garden bed has come & gone. Need to look into some everbearing types.

  9. We’re headed back out tonight to pick more. We freeze a lot, we make jam and syrup. We love blackberries! Isaac and I eat blackberry pies like they were…well…blackberry pies!

  10. Does anyone have a remedy for soothing hands scratched by blackberry briars? MO has a wonderful crop of blackberries this season and I’ve apparently picked more than I should have judging by the way my hands itch and ache.

  11. Tricia – I wish I had a solution! My arms are all red and itchy too. I just grit through it but if you find a solution, please let me know!

  12. That blackberries are very bad here this year. Not enough rain, the berries are very small and not ripening. I’ve gone picking 4 times and hope I have enough to make some jam. I don’t have nearly as much as I wanted though.
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