An evening…shot

The kids have been involved in an archery instruction program at their grandparents’ church all summer.  Last night was the final night of the program for the summer (but it restarts in September).  The church uses the Centershot curriculum which is pretty neat.  The kids love to shoot and have improved imensely.

Isaac has advanced into using heavier bows and shooting the full length of the range.  He hits mostly in the colored part of the target and really, most are very near the center.  Abigail, who is smaller of course, shoots at a softer and closer target and has improved in her ability to stick the arrows.  They love shooting and will definitely continue in the fall.  I think that we also plan to buy them bows so we can shoot during the off-season (whenever that is)

Since last night was the end for this round, we went to see how everything works and the instructors let us shoot as well.  I shot first and did ok.  It’s been a long time since I shot a bow (25 years?) so I was pretty pleased.  Emily shot next (her first time ever) and shot ok.  We went again and Emily shot much better than me the second round.  In fact, she shot the only bullseye of the evening at the range.  That’s pretty typical of us which is pretty funny.  I am a pretty good shot with a rifle and pistol but she is even better.  But hey, I am thrilled.  If the times ever get tough, I am sending her out to hunt and gather!

Anyhow, I think we have found a new family hobby as all of us enjoy shooting and there are plenty of opportunities  to practice.  A few weeks ago, Abigail said she wanted to hunt with me.  Last night, she recognized what hunting was…”Dad, why can’t we just leave the animals alone?”  It was a good opportunity to talk about the source of our food.  Still, I think we’ll be a target shooting family more than a hunting family initially…

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  1. My mom and dad have some beagle pups that are starting to chase rabbits. Lily really likes to take them out to go hunting but I don’t know if she realizes what they play to do with the rabbits.

    I have not shot a bow very much and I’d probably be lucky just to hit the target. Its a good thing Em can hunt for food.

  2. We’ve had great fun with archery too. No room for target practice here though, so we are looking forward to moving… some day!

  3. Oh that looks like so much fun! I used to be very good at archery and went to a camp for it, beat all the boys too 🙂 Now I haven’t shot in years. We found some kids bows at Scheels last weekend and I was this close to getting them. I think I may have too, thanks for the post for reminding me how much fun it is!
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  4. Awesome! I love to shoot too, but Eric is a true natural. He always kicks my butt with the bow. It’s a great hobby, glad you guys enjoy it as a family. 🙂
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  5. I just think it’s great that you guys are all doing it together.

    We are too! We set up a small course. The kids don’t like to go out when it’s real hot and muggy like it has been so we either go first thing in the morning or late at night.

    We picked Corey up a bow at a garage sale about 5 years ago (didn’t let him have it until this year.) Brianna’s we just got not that long ago.

    I still use the kid’s

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson
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