I tried pot

At my age, you would think I wouldn’t be messing around with new things…you know, experimenting and all.  But I had such a cold for the last few weeks that I needed to do something drastic.  A few folks I know suggested pot but I had no idea where to buy it.  Wait, did I say pot?  I mean the pot…the neti pot that is.  What kind of guy do you think I am anyhow?

Ok, so what is a neti pot, you might ask?  It’s like a bidet for your snout, a watering can for the snoz, a beak wash…it’s a tool to perform nasal irrigation and to bring you closer to our prehistoric ancestors.  It’s a caveman way of clearing your sinuses while, at the same time, giving you an out of body experience!  Basically, you mix a saline solution and, using a neti pot, pour it through your sinuses.  Pour enough in and you get a river of…well…boogers.  To see some robot-like people demonstrate this thing, click here and here and here.  I cannot imagine how real people could looks so placid as they pour salty water into their own heads so I figure they must be robotic.  Anyhow, please watch the first video at least.

Like I said, this cold was ridiculous.  I was getting desperate and, apparently, pretty whiny.  Emily said, “go get a neti pot you big baby.  The nurse at school swears by them.”  At that time, I really didn’t understand so I decided it was worth a try.  The local drug store had plain old pots, but being a guy, I opted for the turbo pot.  It seemed best since I wanted to not only have an out of body experience, but also wanted to really experience my throat chakra.

Mohinder was not impressed

Ok, enough foolishness….I got down to business and tried this thing.  I suspect I lost 25 pounds or so and now have enough room in my head to stow a carry-on bag for my next flight.  A neti pot, and especially a turbo neti pot, will clear you out!  I have done this a few times and indeed, my cold is much better.

So, Isaac, wanting to one-up me, decided to give his own version of nasal lavage a try.  Some day he’ll crawl down from that tree that he launched himself into when I turned the hose on!

18 thoughts on “I tried pot

  1. I am glad you were just putting salty water up your nose. If I had to see your expression if you had to put that water some where else, I am not sure if I could take the excitement.

    I hope your cold gets better.

    BTW. I finished the 3rd Twilight Series book. I guess it is called Eclipse. That Bella is gonna give girls a bad name the way she can’t make up her mind between those two guys. Oh well, still a good book.

  2. It’s quite interesting to see the entire process. I might sell tickets to the next “beak wash” event. Seriously though – it has really helped him.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my neti pot (I have the regular ceramic one). I use it all the time when I’m sick. I have found that if I start using it when I feel a cold coming one it really helps me get rid of it faster. It also works wonders for my allergies in the summer. Instead of taking medicine, I use the neti 2x a day while I’m having problems.

    I would recommend one to everyone (and I just about have).

    My mom also likes the jet one like what you got.
    .-= Chiot’s Run´s last blog ..My Mom’s Garden =-.

  4. If you’re caught without a neti pot you can just mix up some warm saline in a glass and snort it from a cupped palm. Wow! I had totally forgotten about that.

  5. I think I will keep using this thing…but I can’t imagine ever putting my mug on youtube using it…there are so many people who post youtube videos…not this guy! Anyhow, it has been a great help to my sinus issues and I def recommend that anyone who has issues try it!

  6. Uck. But with my gag reflex, no wonder I say that! Todd uses one for his sinus’ and says it helps a LOT – I however cannot be in the house when he does this
    .-= Kris Bair´s last blog ..Monday =-.

  7. My mother-in-law swears by a neti pot. We have one but don’t use it. She says it is best to use real fresh salt to add to the water? I am glad it worked for ya!!
    .-= Mandie´s last blog ..Summer’s end =-.

  8. Kris – I didn’t think I could handle it either but it works so well…I press on through!

    Mandie – I have been using the little packets so far but I have read that regular un-iodized salt works well. I’ll probably try that once I am out of the stuff that came with it.

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