Tionesta Indian Festival 2009

(well…there are some indians)

Every year for the past thousand or so years, my home town has hosted the Indian Festival (feather not a dot) in celebration of the original inhabitants of the area.  Anyone who has ever driven through NW PA has seen the names of rivers and creeks and, no doubt, pondered how on Earth to pronounce them.  I know this isn’t exclusive to PA, but it is definitely a part of the area’s Native American history.

(don’t ask…)

In the past few years, sadly, it has become less about Native Americans and more about…ummm…something else.  Still, it is the town event from my childhood that brings me home every year.  This year, we watched the parade and the fire trucks and cars and twirling teams.  I ate the awesome hot sausage that they sell at the Methodist church and I had a great chance to visit with some folks with whom I went to high school (I’ll probably say more about that another day).

(sausagey goodness!)


It’s weird I guess how things stick with me, but I love to go back and see the town.  There are so many faces that I am sure I knew 20 years ago.  People who were my age then are now retiring and life is generally moving on..but I see glimmers of my growing up there and it makes me smile a bit on the inside.

(Abigail and Aunt Laura)

(Abigail loved climbing that growth on the huge tree!)

So, Indian Festival isn’t what it once was, but then, I am not sure anything ever is. Still, with a little work and imagination, there are some awesome memories of times long gone…and even better, there are lots of new adventures for my kids!

16 thoughts on “Tionesta Indian Festival 2009

  1. What a wonderful weekend. Loved watching the grandkids at the parade and on the rides.

  2. It means a lot to many people I guess. It’s the only reason I can see why they continue since it has little to do with Native Americans. I suppose it will always be called that…

    Kim – We eat a bunch of the honey but mostly, we sell it to folks. We sub it in some recipes but it’s hard in others…so it depends.

  3. Looks like a good day, even if it’s not the same as it once was.
    We have those impossible to pronounce Native Indian place names around here to, I think it’s fun to roll them around in my head : )

  4. Sausage looks good! This reminds me. The wilson co fair is starting up this friday. I would like to take Lily. I think she would enjoy it.

  5. powedergirl – it’s funny that as a kid, I learned the name sand didn’t think a thing about it. When ever I go somewhere new, I wonder how the heck people say the local names…funny perspective I think!

    Loretta – Oh how I miss the Wilson County Fair! It’s the best fair in the universe! Have fun for me!

    tipper – I could live on that sausage…at least until it killed me!

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