It’s Juicy!

My Mom makes the world’s best pies (don’t try to dispute it…) and she always makes us several varieties when we visit. Isaac has convinced her to bake a special pie whenever he comes. You see, he loves cherry flavoring but not the big old snot-like lumps (his words) of cherries in pie filling. Of course, in making the world’s best pie, one wouldn’t dream of buying canned pie filling. So, since my Mom makes her own, she is in a great position to filter out the cherries after making the syrup. That’s right, she makes cherry-juice pie for my son.

09_09_2009 051 09_09_2009 052

I have to admit, I prefer cherry-juice pie to cherry-snot pie any day. All the flavor remains but you never get the surprise loogie. Now, my boy likes to eat and he is all about cleaning up the last drop of cherry juice. He gets that from his mother who has a similar feeling about ice cream and apple pie. It’s cool though because we don’t have to wash their plates after they do their tongue-cleaning.

09_09_2009 053 09_09_2009 054

When we eat cherry-juice pie, we don’t talk.  It’s serious business, you see, eating the world’s best pie.  These pictures are taken over a 4 second period so the silence doesn’t last too long.  He devours pie!  So, have you ever had a juice pie or do you like the chunks (particularly in cherry pie)?

09_09_2009 055 09_09_2009 056

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20 thoughts on “It’s Juicy!

  1. Yum! Looks like the boy got the bell licking gene. I should encourage my kids to lick their plates but they would have to fight the dogs– as long as I don’t have to do the dishes.
    .-= Debbie´s last blog ..Child Squatter =-.

  2. That is exactly how my wife’s grandfather mops up after homemade blueberry topping over waffles. Now my kids do it, too. (In fact, the first time I ever met my grandfather-in-law, we had dinner at their house and he licked the plate clean. I figured they must like me!)

  3. Thanks! Only the best for the grandchildren. When they visit we always have pie and peanut butter fudge. Wish they visited more often.

  4. I have heard of these Cherry juice pies before!!! YUM!!! I just wish my mother would cook somthing. Isn’t that supposed to be the benefit of a “live-in”??
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Family Time =-.

  5. I’m a traditionalist, if I’m gonna eat pie, I need apple pie.
    Cute pics Warren,Looks like you’ve got one of those tall, skinny blonde boys too. For minute there I thought I was looking at my youngest son : )

  6. I may have to look into getting a post on how she makes this sometime…it is awesome! We do like other pies in the usual manner…apple and berry pies must have pieces…but cherries I cannot stand!

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