Wednesday Five

I got this meme from Evil Twin’s Wife. I think it’s supposed to be a Friday thing, but she bucked the system and did it on Monday. I asked to play along and I’m going to also be a rebel and post it on Wednesday!  You see, I am eccentric and weird (I’m bald, right…I must be eccentric!)

The way this works is that she gives me five words, upon which I am supposed to ponder and delight you with my expositions on the meaning to life as related to said words…
If you want to play along, leave a comment and I’ll flip thru a dictionary and send you five words. Of course, you can leave a comment even if you don’t want to play…

Salt –  We have our garden in Malden, WV which used to be especially famous for its salt mines.  It is still known by some as Kanawha Salines after the most important mine in the area.  The other cool thing about the area is that Booker T Washington spent several years of his early life in the area (which was, of course, popular because of its mines).

Ballad – I can’t improve on the words of my favorite ballad (which is PG by the way):

Football – by football, I think you must be thinking of “real” football like they play in Europe.  My high school didn’t have that barbaric sport that is so popular in the United States.  Anyhow, I played real football in high  school.  I don’t know that I was ever great at soccer but I had a lot of fun smashing into other people.  My kids both play soccer now and I coach my son’s team…it’s a huge part of our life now.

Tube – I guess you can say I got my start in a tube, but we’ll leave my mother’s anatomy out of this.  Probably more interesting is the fact that we don’t have cable tv in our house so we spend very little time watching the tube, though we do have a pretty big tv.  When we were first married, we couldn’t afford cable.  We had to come up with other things to do with our time…you know, like talk.  Of course, that has gotten old, but we have found other hobbies to occupy our time.  So…not much tube in our house

Escape – Escape is one of those funny words that I always chuckle when I hear.  There is a part in Finding Nemo when Dory reads the word “escape” on a submarine hatch…but she reads it “es-skap-eh”.  So now, every time I see a Ford Escape, I feel compelled to say out loud, “Es-skap-eh” in my best Dory voice.  I couldn’t find that clip but I like this one too so you’ll have to cope:

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