Not much to say…the pics speak for themselves.  We trick-or-treated last night and got way too much candy.  Isaac was a dementor (the soul-sucking beast from Harry Potter) and Abigail was an Indian Princess (feather, not a bindi).  Emily actually got her to stay still long enough to braid her hair!

Without further adieu…

10_30_2009 004 10_30_2009 021

10_30_2009 009 10_30_2009 019

10_30_2009 014

(not good for human/dementor relations…)

10_30_2009 020

(poor kid…the dementor moved his nose to where his eyes belong…at least they made up!)

10 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Lily is going to be Daphne from Scooby Doo. I love the dementor. Abigail’s hair looked so cute. I cannot French braid. I probably need to practice. It looks like it is going to rain on halloween here.

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