Is egg nog supposed to grow hair on your chest?

I haven’t always loved egg nog, but I love it now.  I am not sure when it started…I suppose it just grew in time (sound any like Elizabeth on Pride and Prejudice?).  When I was a kid, my parents (mostly my Dad) ate sardines and buttermilk and scrapple and egg nog.  It all just seemed like stuff that wasn’t supposed to be ingested.  But in time, the lure of the egg nog alone won me over.

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I am not much of a drinker regardless of what some of my posts may suggest.  My entire family has been sick for the last hundred years or so…or maybe it’s just been the last 3 weeks.  Anyhow, I was in Rite Aid the other day picking up motrin (which is absolutely magic on fevers) when I spied with my eye, a bottle of Evan Williams egg nog.  I got a little giddy when I saw it because I figured I would be a better connoisseur of egg nog having tried every variety I can find.  And yes, before you ask, I do have high hopes of being a world famous egg nog master…more on that later.

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So, I hauled my bottle of spiked nog to the counter where the cashier lady quadruple wrapped my bottle in bags so no one on the outside world would know they sell whiskey and such there (I guess).  I gently cradled my new baby in my arms and buckled him into the car for the trip home.  Once home, I cleared the top shelf of the refrigerator and carefully placed the bottle to let him chill.

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Later on  in the evening, the moment of truth arrived.  I prepared my finest dixie cup and attempted to open the bottle of nog.  Mr Williams must have had a much stronger grip than I have because I could not open that bottle for the life of me.  I can’t imagine the terror that must cause someone who…uh…really needs egg nog.  Anyhow, I finally found the proper tool to disengage the lid and I poured out my portion and took a sip.

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In my opinion, Mr Williams produces one of the absolute nastiest things I have ever tasted (and remember, I have licked a lot of bells!)  As you know, a dixie cup is not very large, but I could not bear to finish my sample.  Down the drain it went.  And by the way, I happen to have a good deal on a partially used bottle of nasty…any takers?

Ok…sorry, I thought not.  If you want to read something more useful, take a look at a post I wrote over at Not Dabbling in Normal

7 thoughts on “Is egg nog supposed to grow hair on your chest?

  1. I LOVE egg nog! Look forward to it all year long. My family thinks I am crazy,lol. I have only tried spiked nog once and didn’t like it. It may be something I will have to try making homemade, hmmmmm…
    .-= Mandie´s last blog ..A Porch Makeover =-.

  2. eeew…
    Man. I so do not want to know the taste of nasty egg nog. Good thing you mentioned the hairy-chest factor… that just seals the deal.

  3. Have you tried rubbing it on your chest to see if it grows hair? If it works maybe I will buy the remainder of the bottle from you and try it on my head.
    I see that you must still be suffering some residual weakness from your long illness. Maybe you should stick to Mt. Dew until you fully recover.
    .-= Gary Dillon´s last blog ..Building the Pallet Palace =-.

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