I got the fever

I don’t know what sort of funk I have (as I haven’t been to see a doctor), but I can tell you that all of my homemade remedies have done nothing to abate this rotten virus I have.  I mean, I went above and beyond the call with my 1st remedy and though I slept pretty well, I didn’t feel the least bit better in the morning.

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Anyhow, if anyone has any other suggestions on how to exorcise this junk from my body, please leave a suggestion.  I am not opposed to leaches and/or sacrificing a chicken….

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  1. I totally agree with Emily…GO SEE A DOCTOR…its been holding on too long. Need to have it checked out and be sure it isn’t something serious. That’s your mother speaking.

  2. Brandy… don’t think that will do it. Seriously, I use elderberry syrup. It acts in a way that inhibits the ability for flu virus to replicate/attach, giving the body time to catch up. Hope you feel better.
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  3. Chicken sacrificing only works if it becomes homemade chicken soup 🙂 How long has it been? speaking from experience here (STILL trying to kick the final yuck from the Big Yuck of the past few months, and almost all the way there, yay!), pull out all the stops and do herbals AND go to the doc. Seriously. Wish I had a lot sooner! Feel better! 🙂

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  4. Try Claritin. But then again I am not a doc. From the looks of the photo you may need something stronger than what you can get OTC. Someone with years of medical experience could probably give you some better advice. But who would have that….hmmm….A DOCTOR!! I am with Emily.

  5. http://www.silverbulletenterprises.com/ this is a link for a colloidial silver generator I have the ac/dc one for years now
    It sells for 159.95 but it kills everything viral..fungal..bacterial and is simple to use

    Also local health store has Sabbucol (elderberry syrup) By Nature’s way has good long shelf life is made in Israel Other knockoff brands may not work as well. It is advised to keep 2 bottles per family member (rotate as u use them)
    sambucol kills swine flu

    Also XLEAR nasal spray in conjunction with the sambucol is powerfull. I spray the Xlear in my throat and nose at the 1st sign of sinus or colds. Xlear also can kill strep..so will be handy to have if there is no doc around.
    Then there’s the good ole juice cleanse 2 bottles of prune juice the 1st day. Any juice cleanse you must chew the juice which means swish it very well in your mouth to mix with lots of saliva before u swallow so as not to tax the pancreas (use non fructose juice)
    After the prunes u can use apple eat no solid food If your hungary eat some apples. Repeat for 2 or 3 days. Have hot white tea or distilled water in between.
    When u start to eat again eat just soups and soft foods a day or two to ease your digestion back into regular eating

    Blessings Gail

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