Another apple cider press!

Some nice folks emailed me awhile back asking for my thoughts on building an apple cider press of their own, similar to the one I built.  We talked back and forth a bit and discussed stuff I liked about mine and stuff I would do differently if I were to make another one.

Attached are some pics of their finished product and a bit of text describing their setup.  I think it is super exciting to make homemade cider so congratulations to my new web friends on a job well done!

from the builders

“here are some pictures of our press.  We ended up making ours a lot shorter, because the bottle jack wouldn’t reach.  The holes in our pot were 5/32″ diameter one inch apart around the bottom, and two inches apart in two staggered rows up the side of the pot (the blue tape is just so that I can keep the height semi-even).  I love your set up it was very inexpensive, and easy to build.”

3 thoughts on “Another apple cider press!

  1. Very cool.
    What is the apple to juice ratio?
    Our new bare root apple tree gave us a dozen apples already, but those were all pressed between our teeth!

  2. Neat! I love these ingenious people!

    We are still in love with the press we purchased about 4 years ago. It’s a newer press, not one of the cool old-time ones, but it works wonderfully and we can make gallons of cider in no time. Year before last, we made 60 gallons in an afternoon. My husband made 5 gallons today, working alone, in about an hour. He sometimes mixes in pears and we like that combination very well. We paid $250 for our press, and it’s been money well spent. We put our cider in gallon water jugs, tape on the lids with duct tape and freeze them. Then we can have cider all winter.

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