Irish cream + ice cream = goodness!

Ok, I know I said last week that I am eating a lower fat, lower cholesterol vegetarian diet…yeah, yeah, yeah. I still gotta live a little! It’s all about portions and frequency. You see, I discovered Ben & Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide ice cream. It’s really unhealthy and all but dang it tastes good.

I am determined to eat healthy but this treat is a nice diversion now and then. I eat a spoonful here and there and I have found that it’s enough to curb my sweet-tooth…plus Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is sooo expensive that I can only afford to eat this sweet goodness now and then anyhow!  It sort of keeps me in check because, above all, I am a cheap-skate!

I found some great news about my new diet too.  I have been on blood pressure medicine for years.  I have tried a few things here and there to try to get my blood pressure to change but nothing ever seemed to have an impact.  Lately though, I started feeling light-headed and dizzy a little too often.  In consultation with my doctor, we decided to go off of the medicine and see what happened to my blood pressure.  After two weeks off of the meds, I went back and found that my blood pressure was great (I had been monitoring it at home too and consistently found the same thing)!  I am off of blood-pressure medicine!  I can only attribute it to my dietary change as nothing else is different!

As much as I might like to go and gorge on Ben & Jerry’s after finding the news, I think I will go get a tofu burger instead!

8 thoughts on “Irish cream + ice cream = goodness!

  1. Congrats on that blood pressure!!
    Going healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have treats once in a while. Enjoy that ice cream. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! You must be doing a great job to be able to get off the medication. That’s one that you usually take for life.

  3. Good for you! Funny, I’ve been doing the same lately in terms of eating healthier. This may sound strange, but my BP has been a lot lower the last couple of years after I switched to using olive oil almost exclusively in cooking/eating. I’m a sucker for the ice cream though… one or two spoonfuls? Please 🙂

  4. First of all, Yuck to the tofu burger!
    Secondly, YEA for the lower blood pressure!!!!
    Thirdly, YUM on the Ben and Jerry’s!!! Abby is a HUGE fan of Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey!

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