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I was never a “Friends” guy. The show just didn’t appeal to me for some reason. Anyhow, I did see a few episodes. One in particular makes me think of Seph-baby, our somewhat new cat. Seph-baby (we added the baby part, it just seemed right). So Seph-baby is the smelliest cat on the planet. We feed him science diet kitten food, the same brand we feed all of our wild-life. He is the only one that really stinks.

We clipped his claws the other day. We do it in the bathroom for some reason…I guess so we can lock him in. Anyhow, we grabbed him and started to clip when he, like all good cats, freaked. He jumped around and hissed and did all that cat stuff. His most effective counter-measure, however, was the stench that he somehow released. I initially thought it was just a flatulence bomb but my hands smelled like him as well. I wasn’t holding his hind parts so it’s not like he dropped a bomb in my hand. All I can figure is that his father was a skunk or he has some other extra-powerful reek capabilities.

The nasty beast has also taken to stealing tissues and napkins, new or used, from anywhere he finds them...

(Click above for a video or here if that doesn’t work on your computer)

Well, we finished clipping his claws and then had to scrub our hands. The whole room was fouled (which isn’t uncommon in our house…just not usually from the cat). Poor smelly cat, I don’t know what we’re feeding him, but I am sure it’s not his fault!

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  1. Oh man. Can I borrow this post, change the name to Ferris, and re-post it on Chickenblog? Seriously. Ferris can clear a room, bring angry mobs to the perimeter of his zone… it is beyond reason.

  2. Two things:
    Quit feeding him Science Diet. Causes gas. The ingredients aren’t any better than Purina One Kitten food.
    Clip his nails when he’s in a deep sleep. Faaaarrr less blood (and gas) will be shed this way.

    Okay, three things—he could be smelly because his litter isn’t doing the job. Or in our case, folks argue about who’s turn it is to clean the box and it doesn’t get done. We use Tidy Cat,’multiple cat’ litter. Isn’t all perfumey, but does a great job.

    Your guy pulls kleenex, our removes post-it notes from important places. He just can’t stand the idea of paper sticking to anything like computer screens. Just not right.

  3. Me again–thought of something else. When my cat bathes himself after eating, he smells like cat food, which smells like dead fish or something.

  4. My parents had a cat called Dummy that would get angry with my mother and open her drawer and pull all her underwear out and spread it around. Mom didn’t think it was funny. The rest of us did.

  5. I’m pretty sure it’s his anal glands. Some cats just have extra smelly ones. They will express oily, foul smelling stuff when they are upset, or even extra happy. Sorry if that’s tmi!

  6. I am going to agree with Capri Lis here. Ours have done it before, very rarely though. Twice on HER!!! It has been an extra happy reason though, not an upset reason.
    The Boy was totally grossed out. He calls it “Butt Juice”. It is FOUL.

  7. Hey Warren!

    I’m laughing so hard at your post along with the comments that I have tears running out of my eyes! I’ll never have a cat at my house again! lol Whew! That must be one smelly cat! hehehe

  8. Guessing it’s anal glands. Doing the wrestling they may have accidentally gotten expressed, and yeah, smells like anal death when that happens (I used to work at a vet in college – won’t ever forget the smell…)

  9. Just a little helpful tidbit…
    All cats have naturally occurring bacteria around their anal glands. Sometimes it can get a bit raunchy & when they get wound up, the muscles around the anus compress against the glands, causing anything from a leak to a squirt of the toxic…, errr, I mean unfortunate fragrance.
    Never fear, it’s easily managed.
    One of the best ways to prevent wearing said feline goo, is to simply(har har har) do maintenance. Some warm saline water with a drizzle of vinegar on a washcloth can be placed on the backside(across the entire backside!!)… Then give the anal area a soft squeeze. I suggest you towel wrap the critter before hand… Or risk losing said hand. Use the baby bathwater test to make sure it’s not too hot(drizzle water across inside of forearm).
    Doing this once a month for a couple months should greatly reduce the naturally high bacteria count back down to a manageable level… & make smelly cat’s next nail clipping the least concerning thing on it’s mind!

    Hope that helps.

  10. KitsuneNyx – thanks a ton for the advice! It seems to have abated the last few weeks but we haven’t tried to cli claws again for awhile either. Before the next clipping, we will try your suggestion!

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