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About a year ago I first disclosed my wife’s CDO (that’s OCD only in alphabetic order as it should be).  She’s funny about a lot of things including the slots on the screws for switch covers.  I think I bring something to the OCD table too though.  I must have an even number of eggs in the egg carton and they must be distributed in a symmetric pattern in the carton.

Most mornings I cook eggs for Emily and Abigail.  They usually each eat 2 eggs which works in nicely with my OCD needs.  Sometimes, however, Emily will have used an odd number of eggs in something she cooks.  On those days, Emily and Abigail split 5 eggs instead of 4.  An odd number will not abide in my house!

It’s a little crazy but on odd eggs days, I will stop what I am doing and cook something to make it work.  I cannot sleep until it is made right.  Does anyone else share my egg issues?  Do you have anything even remotely similar about which you obsess?

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  1. I could come to your rescue and say that what you really want is a balanced egg carton—one that, if it were to be handled incorrectly in it’s trip from fridge to counter, would not be off balance and fall out of your hands. (Got all that?)
    Unfortunately, since you admit to having to cook something else on ‘odd days’, so the carton will have symmetry again, you admit to having a bit of OCD.
    We all have it in one way or another. Just don’t let it keep you from going to work, and you’re good to go.

  2. No OCD on eggs, and thank goodness, because we never know how many our hens will lay in a given day.

    However, I have this thing about running mileage. I don’t want to run uneven amounts – and I also don’t want my friends to tell me when they do! It seriously bugs me when someone posts on facebook that they ran 4.15 miles. Just stop at 4 or continue on to 5! Or else don’t tell me about the extra .15 – I don’t want to know! 😉

  3. You are related to your father. He can’t stand to have odd eggs in the tray and it has to be put back in the frig with the heavy side of the carton toward the door. I guess there is some logic to it so that when you take them out you know the heavy end is in your hand, etc. Anyway you are your father’s son. Love you.

  4. OMG! Oh wait, to write it in the OCD way for you, it should be GMO! I don’t have OCD with eggs but sometimes I do line them up in the middle of the egg carton so that it’s not one side empty and the other side full.
    I do however have OCD when going up and down the stairs. I always count the steps.

  5. I am kinda crazy about things having to be perfectly centered won’t stop until everything is perfectly pyramid

  6. Oh Warren! I can’t say that I have the egg issue that you have. I do have an issue with whether or not I closed the garage door. I sometimes will back up on the road (which is more dangerous than leaving the door open) to see that I did close it. The odd thing about this is I have NEVER left it open! I don’t do it every time though. We live out so if I leave it open people will know I’m not home and break in. That’s just my way of thinking. Oh, and I have antibacterial wipes and now baby wipes in my truck to wipe my hands down after I go shopping. I have to wipe my hands to get the germs off! I blame that one on the flu!

  7. I am full of other oddities too…It seems like I share several with Angela. When we lived in TN esp, I used to go back and check the garage door a lot…and the house doors too. I knew darn well they were closed and locked but I had to check anyhow. Craziness! I have always been about hygiene too. I keep alcohol sanitizer in my office and my car, and all over. Anytime I enter my car or my office I use it…every time w/o fail!

  8. Right now I am obsessing over my son’s dirty diapers and his recent flatulence. For some reason he has really had some ripe ones (SBD).

  9. LOL… Warren you are too funny. I do try to rebalance my egg carton but more as a means of keeping the carton balanced.

    I do have a little OCD when it comes to opening the mini-blinds. The bottom edge of the blinds has to line up with the lines of the window… and has to be level. My husband on the other hand just yanks them up and doesn’t mind leaving them slanted at any willy nilly elevation.

  10. I have the same OCD. Sometimes I would be hungry and would want to eat two eggs, but there would be an odd amount of eggs in the carton so i would ask everyone in the house if they would want ONE egg so i can have an even amount of eggs but if not then i would force myself to eat only one egg to restore the balance of eggs on either side. Even know im thinking of ways to even out the sides on your second picture of the egg carton. But its not just eggs that i have ocd with, for christmas i got dominoes and rearranged them to be from least to greatest in value. Usually when things are out of symmetry, they only bother me when i have nothing else to do.

  11. i have to cook in even numbers. if i have 3 eggs i can’t cook them. i have to buy some more or not cook them at all. if i have 3 slices of bread i throw it away because it bothers me. i also count my steps everywhere i go. if i am fully distracted i don’t count but i always count my steps…

  12. I do this and I don’t know why, I have altered recipes so I use even number of eggs.

  13. Shawn – I def do this too…but esp I am bothered by it when I cook eggs for breakfast. That’s when we use more eggs of course so I guess it makes sense

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