The end of the world

Well, maybe it wasn’t quite the end of the world but sometime last night, my web server crashed.  The whole computer didn’t die, just the actual program that is the web server.  Did you know that’s how the web works?  Individual machines run programs that receive requests for certain web pages.  The web server program finds those pages and pushes the information back to the requester.  My web server machine resides in my office at work.  It’s pretty cool to manage my own system in a lot of ways…but not always.

Anyhow, my web server machine was fine but the program stopped for some reason.  It’s not supposed to do that.  It rarely does that.  I was bummed that hundreds of spammers could not assault my machine all night long as I slept.  I hate to let those folks down, but alas, software is fickle.

Well friends, the web server is back up and running so let’s hope the spammers can catch up to meet their quotas!

5 thoughts on “The end of the world

  1. Being married to a computer geek I’ve seen many of a server over the years. When we lived in Maryland the company he worked for started up an internet service. Now that was something to see! I’ve got lots of stories from those times.

    Glad you got yours back up and running!

  2. I hate to even make a big deal over it when the server goes down because it is rare…but it annoys me when it happens nonetheless. And I am smart enough to know that the world isn’t biting their nails to know what I am going to write next. Still, I always have this funny tingle on the back of my neck thinking some nasty spammer finally got into my server and bungled it all up. And gosh, I know you can’t see it on the front end, but my spam catcher has been working overtime lately. I am getting bombarded with spam lately. It just adds to my “fears”

  3. Well, the entire post was Greek to me except the part about letting spammers down. 🙂
    It sound terrible and I’m glad you were able to get it fixed.

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