It’s been busy…but with what?

We have been pretty sketchy around here lately.  I haven’t found myself into any interesting projects.  I haven’t gone anywhere too unusual or done anything interesting.  I haven’t even licked a bell in weeks.  I can’t figure out what we have been doing actually.  Work is pretty typical.  We have started writing iPhone apps which has been interesting.  I have been writing computer programs for quite awhile but I have to tell you, as polished as Apple’s final products are, their software development tools are an atrocity!  That’s all I have to say about that…  But what else have we been doing?  The kids are into some things but not a crazy amount of stuff.  Oh well…

We have been working on something else since the end of September too.  Well, really we have been mostly waiting since the end of September.  I still want credit though as I have been stressing and irritated through a large part of that time trying to make things happen.  I can’t share any details yet, but when it happens (and it appears that it will happen soon), I will have tons to write about and I am SOOOOOO excited!  Piqued your interest any?  I hope so…

Though I typically hate winter, I noticed that the only saving grace of the season is once again available in stores…Cadbury eggs make life worth living in the winter.  This is one time when I am glad marketing folks jump the gun on holiday preparations.  I also like Reese’s peanut butter eggs.  I would take a picture, but…well….I already ate my peanut butter egg.  Anyhow, does it get any better than this?

The magical medicinal magnificent Cadbury cream egg!

There is not too much else going on friends.  We are still alive here in West-by-God-Virginia and are diligently preparing for the next big mess of snow and ice and what-not-signs-of-the-apocalypse.  We got milk and eggs and bread last night (so we can make french toast if we get trapped in our house, of course) so we will make it through!  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!  And don’t forget…Ground Hog Day is only a week away!

7 thoughts on “It’s been busy…but with what?

  1. Cadbury Eggs are the best, although Caramel Milky Ways are a close second. You’ll have to try them.

  2. Cadbury Carmel Eggs are my favorite. I have to buy them up now and hope they last a while (yeah right). I can’t wait til you share the BIG SECRET. I am sure it will be worth waiting for. I do have a question though…have you done anymore with your solar furnace and do you still use it?

  3. iPhone apps, that sounds interesting! I made my big trip to the store Monday in anticipation of some big snow. It just didn’t happen. We got too much rain and it flooded us in on one side but we can get out on the other. Once the snow finally came down it made a big mess on top of all of that water from the rain. The bus was a half hour late bringing the kids home from school. The Cadbury Eggs just gross me out! lol I’ve never been able to eat one and doubt it if I could still yet! lol Peanut Butter Eggs, yes! I was going to say a new baby but you don’t wait for one of those since September! hahaha

    Stay warm and be careful driving on that ice!

  4. So how come no one has commented on your big surprise??!!
    I am piqued.
    Maybe you Guys are having another baby? HA!
    That would be REALLY good blog fodder!!!!

  5. Holy cow NO BABIES! That terrifies me! I like my older kids just fine!

    Maybe I will have some more news over the weekend…stay tuned friends!

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