Let’s see if the banker sees his shadow

And now, ladies and gentlemen, is the time you have all been waiting for…the announcement of my big surprise.  Well, let me preface this by saying this is undoubtedly more exciting for me than for you.  But humor me, ok?

So, I bought the farm!  Wait, I mean I bought a farm.  Well, technically it’s not a farm…yet.  But I will be moving my bees there and it will be the beginning of a farm.  We are buying 30 acres of raw but beautiful land not too far from Charleston.  We’ve been in this process since the end of September and things are just now beginning to move forward.  Emily says she is curious whether the banker will see his shadow and retreat back into hiding or let us close on this place in 6 weeks!  Phil didn’t let me down this year and I have super high hopes for the banker too.  Actually, he is a great guy and the snafus are not his fault.  Anyhow, we seem to be moving forward very well now and I think we are rounding the corner to the finish.  I am sure that something could still go wrong, so please, find a bit of wood and knock on it for me!

We are actually buying the land from a former blog friend turned real-life friend, Granny Sue.  It turns out, she is cousins with one of the guys I work with. As you might guess, since this is raw land, we will be on it a lot doing whatever we can to make it functional for our use.  I see plenty of projects in the coming months/years.  That means lots of pictures (mainly to show the insurance agent when he asks how I got that car stuck up in that tree.)  So, here are some pics, pre-car-in-the-tree!

These pics don’t really do it justice…It’s WV land so it has hills and hollers and flats and bottoms.  This really is a beautiful state and I am proud to (almost) own some of its best parts!

I am pretty excited!  I suppose I might have hyped my surprise a bit.  No babies or anything like that for us…

15 thoughts on “Let’s see if the banker sees his shadow

  1. First—Wow!!! beautiful land. Congratulations! You know it snows there, don’t you? 🙂
    Second—I’ve been behind on my blog reading/commenting. Your previous couple posts were very cool. Most folks get as far as you were in your schooling and think you can’t change horses midstream. It was very brave and obviously the right thing to do. It will be a good lesson for your kids.

  2. I’m jealous Warren! You are going to get to live beside of Granny Sue! I haven’t met her yet but hope to some day. I knew right away when you said that you bought land and when I seen that first picture I knew it had to be Granny Sue’s because I seen it on her blog awhile back and thought it was beautiful! Your bees will love it there too! And the kids will too! lol Are you going to build a house there?

  3. I’m glad you broke the news, Warren! It’s a win-win for us because we get you as a neighbor :). Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes as it should.

  4. Well I won’t be knocking on wood, but I will be saying some prayers for you! It’s really beautiful… 30 acres… I might just be a wee bit green. Congrats!

  5. Congrats Warren and family. I have been knocking on every piece of wood I throw into the stove for ya. Can’t wait to see the future photo’s of the car in the tree along with the rest of your land improvements. BEE Happy

  6. It is beautimous!!! Congratulations on your new “baby”!!!!
    Will you eventually build a farm house there? You’ll be a regular Oliver Douglas! Green Acres here you come!

  7. No WAYYY!!! that is SO cool, Warren…congratulations!!! I can’t believe you and Granny Sue will be neighbors…having definite blogland jealousy here (in the best sort of happy-for-you way!) Congratulations!!

  8. Hey there…I’m trying to catch up with all old blog buddies and imagine that you are gonna be a farmer! Maybe you will decided to get some critters…hmmm camel anyone???

    I’m off to see what all the news is around your little blogdom! Kim

  9. Kim,
    I would love a camel but I am not ready yet! We have so much work to do! I knew a guy in TN that had a zebra too! I would love to have that sort of variety!

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