Tea for two

I was reading my friend Granny Sue’s blog the other day and she had a great poem about coffee and tea.  I drank a little coffee in college and now and then afterwards but never was I much of a fan of tea.  It was not something I could even choke down.  I am not sure what really got us started but Emily and I have been drinking a cup of English breakfast tea every evening the last month or so.  I have really our tea and we both really look forward to our new tradition.  I sort of feel all grown up and stuff.  Grownups drink tea in the evenings and grownups talk about important things while they drink their tea, right?

Has anyone else ever noticed that adults are really just old kids?  I surely do not feel any more mature or any more prepared to be an adult than I did when I was, oh…13 or so.  It’s sort of a funny realization I guess.  When I was a kid, I always held adults in high esteem…like it was a special privilege to make it to adulthood.  Surely adults got a special membership card or access to a secret library of adultiness.  Surely adults must be some special sort of creature, right?  I mean, adults drink tea.

5 thoughts on “Tea for two

  1. WTH…you didn’t get your card yet????
    I hope you didn’t throw it out as junk mail when you recieved it. They only issue the introductory package once and won’t send a replacement!!!
    You may now be doomed to going through the rest of your life as a kid………..lucky you!!!!

  2. Well as I get older I can’t seem to get it out of my head that you aren’t still a kid….how did you grow up so fast. I’m still only 20 something. Well, anyway you’ve turned to be a good adult and a great parent. Love ya. Ma

  3. I love tea! My husband doesn’t drink it. I’m with you on the gettin old thing. In my mind I’m still in my early 20’s, but when I look in the mirror I’m screaming, “Who is that!”. How am I getting old when I was just in high school?

  4. As I’m not a coffee drinker, I spent a lot of time drinking hot tea when I was in Europe. They thought I was a heathen, though, because I never used milk or sugar! There is a tea called ‘Dream Easy’ that is sold in one of our local grocery stores, which I love to drink in the evening. The smell is incredible, and it’s very relaxing.

  5. I don’t drink coffe, and have only in the last few years started drinking tea. I don’t think I am a purist though, I require 2 Splendas and cream.
    As for being an adult? Sometimes I feel like an imposter! I can still remember what I felt like 30 years ago.
    As for you Warren? You are a a goof and I quite like that quality in you!

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