Right in the eyeball

Sunday was absolutely beautiful here so we all enjoyed being out in the sun.  The kids and dog got super muddy and Emily washed the cars.  Being useless, I sat in front of the beehives as the bees dodged in and out, mainly pooping, but also enjoying the sun (I think).  Of course, I absolutely love the smells that come from an active beehive.  If you sit close enough, you can smell the wax and the honey.  It’s not like sniffing a jar of honey from the grocery store.  Oh no, it’s quite different and really incredible.  You’ll have to trust me on that one until they invent “Sniff-o-web”.

Bee poop

So, there I was watching Emily work, just minding my own business when a bee reached out, butt first, and stung me right in the eyelid.  She stuck there for a few seconds, buzzing and trying to fly away.  Though it would have made for a cool picture, having a bee attached to my eye, my first reaction was to get her off before any more venom got injected.  As you might guess, a sting in the eyelid swells up pretty quickly.  I guess I have developed a bit of an immunity because my eye did not swell like it did the first few times I was stung in the eyelid (yes, it’s happened many times).  Still, I looked a bit freaky for a few hours.

A little puffy under my eye
Swelling is spreading out...ugly pic though

Well, spring is my favorite season so a little taste of it makes my day.  Seeing the kids all muddy and the wife washing the cars…it just feels right.  If only my bees had a better sense of humor about my sticking my nose in their business.  Maybe this spring I will try to train them better…I’ll keep my eye on that…

7 thoughts on “Right in the eyeball

  1. That gives new meaning to “You’ll shoot your eye out” to me for some strange reason! I think someone needs to start telling you “You’ll get stung in the eye if you sit too close to the bees”!

  2. Not quite that warm here, but at least it’s been sunny lately.

    I have to say, I’ve always kind of wanted to keep bees.
    And then I read things like a bee kind of getting stuck on your eyelid, and I’m quite happy to buy honey from the guy down the road.

  3. HA! Lord Voldemort!
    I hear we may hit 50 on Friday up here in The Mitten. There will be people walking around in shorts and sandals. Dumb Michiganians.

  4. Geez…I know! I hate the Voldemort look but it seems like that’s all I could do…

    Anyhow, the bee sting was not a big deal. It happens when one has bees. Considering how many are around, one sting here and there is nothing!

  5. Yikes about the sting-last summer I got it in the nose and lips by a swarm of hornets who didn’t think it was funny that I threw a watermelon rind into their house : )

    Feels like spring here too-think it’ll last for us both-I hope so.

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