We are soon to be country folk.  We’ll retain our city-slicker-ness during the week as we both work in the city.  But come the weekend, we are putting on our boots and headed to the woods!  Being city-slickers, we didn’t have proper boots.  How can we be country folk without boots?

Oh no, that cannot abide!  I got new boots last week so we would not be wet-footed-greenhorns!  I was a bit torn about what style of boot I needed.  I have steel-toed rubber boots and I have cowboy-esqe boots.  I have boots with fluffy insides and I have boots with sparkles.  Well, no I don’t.  Anyhow, I figure that running shoes would not work in the woods and I plan to be in the woods and in the fields and generally outside on this property!

Emily actually got her boots at the beginning of winter.  I think she looks hot in her boots.  They are water-proof and snake-proof and termite-proof.  The are so-many-things-proof that I decided to get an identical pair…only mine were half off!  Anyhow, our boots are identical…even in size!

We are ready now.  I got my boots and I got my canvas coat and I got an itchin’ to get outside and enjoy…being outside!  My boots have much work to do in the coming few months!  I have high hopes for these boots.  I am offering up a challenge to my boots.  They gotta be tough.  They gotta be rough.  They gotta be awesome!  Don’t make me break out my sparkley boots!

7 thoughts on “Boots!

  1. A great pair of boots for each of us is on the soon-to-buy list. I’m kind of intimidated by all the varieties and options out there and would love some direction on why you chose the brand that you did (and what it is!).

    My shoe collection consists of one really old, tired pair of formerly-white tennis shoes, a pair of sandals, a few heels, a pair of black flats … and house shoes. My tennis shoes get relegated to anything I can’t wear nice shoes in. They sorely need replacing and I definitely need a pair of great work boots.

    Boots are such a critical component of homesteading work, so congrats on finding the right pair!

    City Roots, Country Life

  2. snake-proof…love it!

    Seriously, a pair of waterproof boots is well worth its weight in gold. Have fun playing on the property!

  3. Are they bee proof? Just a thought! 🙂 You’ll have to plant some ramps in them there woods of yoursin like we done did last year. I can’t wait to see if they come up! Won’t be much longer!

  4. Good boots are a godsend. So are good hill-gripping lug soles, and waterproofedness (if that’s a word).

    Sounds like the weather will be good for some tramping, although maybe a bit chilly. Let us know when you’re coming and we’ll put on the coffee! And maybe build a fire too.

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